30 January 2022


Miss Savannah
Design: Savannah's Curtsy
Designer: Mirabilia
Fabric: 32 count Colour Cascade Fabrics Fall to Pieces opalescent Belfast linen
Fibres: DMC, Kreinik #4 Braid
Embellishment: Mill Hill Beads
My first happy dance of 2022!
Anyway, what's a happy dance without close-up photos, right?
In my last Savannah update, I mentioned I was gonna swap the "Welcome" metallic threads for beads. Well, that went out the door since I had trouble matching the beads to the threads.
Instead, the only substitution I made was to change the DMC 3722 to Kreinik #4 007L so the entire word is shiny. Ironic, I know because I ended up adding more metallic threads to my stitching.
This design doesn't have many beads, with the highest concentration in Savannah's headpiece.
The rest of the beads are scattered around her dress.
Savannah has taken over five and a half years to finish since starting it in July 2016. What a journey the past five years have been.
I started her to celebrate Hubby and I becoming first homeowners. Between then and now, I've since found a job, we moved out of our apartment and rented another place to be closer to work. We bought a townhouse at the end of 2020. It's still under construction with the completion date delayed. We're all but ready to move again. Savannah will be greeting guests at the entrance of our new home when we finally (hopefully) move in June.
Here's to 2022 being kinder to all of us!

17 July 2021

Let It Snow

Stitching snowmen in winter. Feels perfectly apt.
Design: Let It Snow
Designer: Lizzie Kate
Fabric: 32 count Picture This Plus Tarnish Belfast linen
Fibers: Hand Dyed Fibers silk
One last snowman remaining before a major happy dance. 
Looks like I'll be spending most of my time stitching this weekend since Melbourne is once again in lockdown. Our fifth one since the pandemic started :(
Stay safe, everyone!

12 July 2021

Snow Fun!

A tiny happy dance but one nonetheless...
Design: Snow Fun!
Designer: Lizzie Kate
Fabric: 32 count Picture This Plus Tarnish Belfast linen
Fibers: Hand Dyed Fibers silk
I've been trying to finish some of my ancient WiPs. Here's my progress thus far on 6 Fat Men series:
On another note, I found out that Vicki Clayton is back, dyeing silks again! Coincidentally, hers are the silks I used for this project.
Unfortunately,  PayPal policies have driven shipping prices prohibitively expensive for overseas buyers this time round :(

05 July 2021

A Moment Please

Finally, some progress on another WiP that's been languishing for years while waiting for the beads I ordered for Savannah to arrive.
Last update was in February 2016. I'm having trouble stitching the roses using the provided black and white chart. And there's still about a dozen more left :(
Wish me luck!

06 June 2021


No stitcher will ever tell you they enjoy stitching with metallic thread. Likewise for me. Sure, we might like the shiny effects but gosh, it is so fiddly to handle and frays so easily. It's the abomination of all threads.
Which is why, after completing the swirling ribbons behind Savannah, I decided that I've had enough. Backstitches aside, I'm converting all the cross stitches in the "Welcome" word above her head to Mill Hill beads.
Hopefully they'll arrive soon while I'm still in a stitching mood.

01 June 2021

Floor Tiles

Plugging away impassively on the tedious floor tiles during Melbourne's lockdown number 4.
At long last, the monotonous task has concluded.
Hope you're all keeping safe and staying healthy.

02 March 2020

Dress is Done!

When one is working full time, spare time is unfortunately sparse. It has taken 585 days with numerous breaks in between to reach this milestone:
Savannah's dress is completed!
Now on to the bazillion floor tiles. How many tiles are there, you asked? Well, here's the rest of the fabric...
This just might take another two years.
Stayed tuned :)

25 July 2018

WIP Wednesday

Quick update on Savannah. She now has two arms.
She also has a huge dress with a ton of white. 'Nuff said.

07 July 2018

Brazilian Cabaret

More than half of 2018 is over. Where has the time flown to? Some updates about my life... I've dropped my Bachelor of Design and finished a Diploma of Accounting instead. Uni is just way too expensive, especially when you're an international student.
At least I passed my Diploma of Accounting with flying colours (high distinction in every subject. Woot!... And yes, I'm bragging ;P) so there is that :D Been working hard for the better part of the year so now it's time for some fun and relaxation while job hunting.
Savannah has seen some progress. Not as much as I had hoped but completing the over-one stitches of her right arm is an accomplishment I can't wait to show off. I dislike over-one stitching but I just can't give it up when the results are just so satisfying.
It might not be obvious in the photo but in real life, the different stitches lend a 3D effect, giving the impression that she is wearing the dress and the skin is under all the fabric and hair. If that makes sense? Anyway, moving on...
Last weekend, Sean took me to a Latin cabaret to celebrate. I had the time of my life. The lights, the costumes, the song and dance... I'll let the photos speak for themselves :)
The show was Viva Carnaval!, a Brazilian Cabaret. The venue was The Palms at Crown Melbourne.
The dancers were so talented.
My favourite part of the show was of course the grand finale with the elaborate feather costumes.
Did I mention the dancers were stunning too?
And yes, I managed to get pictures taken with them after the show ^^
They're really tall.
Or I'm just really short :P
And here's me with Sean.
Till next time, Happy Stitching!

03 November 2017

10 Years in the Making

Finally, my first happy dance since setting foot in Australia! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you... drum roll...
Design: Love with A Capital L
Designer: Pappilon Creations 
Fabric: 32 count Zweigart's Vintage Country Mocha (marbled) Belfast Linen
Fibers: Hand Dyed Fibers silk (Flag II, Examplar BlueBerry Soup and Examplar Ox Blood)
Measuring 16"W x 27"H with a stitch count of 260 x 434, this is the largest piece I've stitched to date and looking back at my blog's history, it has taken me ten years to complete. Granted, I took a long hiatus in between but I digress.
So much has changed both in the stitching world and my personal life that it was a rather poignant moment when I put in the final stitch. I remember back then, forums were popular with stitchers and Google Reader was still around. Those were my main stitchy update resources. Nowadays, it's mainly Facebook and the occasional blog.
While we're still reminiscing, I realised that there are quite a few Mirabilia WiPs that I started in 2012 and 2013 that I've yet to show. Ah, that was quite a tumultuous period in my life and haphazardly starting new projects seemed like the best way to keep myself sane.
First, there's Touching the Autumn Sky on Crafty Kitten's Lavender Mist Opalescent Belfast.
This design reminds me of the times my mum took me to the playground when I was a little girl. I love the swings best. This will be a gift to her when completed, whenever that may be.
Then, there's Red on Sparklies' Winter Skies Opalescent Belfast.
Lastly, the first Mirabilia design I fell in love with... Mermaids of the Deep Blue on Crafty Kitten's Aurora Opalescent Cashel.
I believe I started this on 8 December 2013 as a birthday pressie to myself. I have to admit that the amount over over one skin is rather intimidating.
By the way, I'm sure most of you have seen the latest Mirabilia by now? It's been a while since I've been this excited over a new release. I've already ordered her and is impatiently awaiting her arrival. In the meantime, I've been playing with my fabric stash trying to find the perfect backdrop for her. I think I've found it... Miss Cherry Blossom on Polstitches Crocus Opalescent Belfast. What do you think?
Well, this ended up being a rather long post. Till next time, Happy Stitching!

06 August 2017

6 Years Later... Still A WiP

It’s been a while since I’ve cross stitched and even longer (six years, actually) since Capital L has seen the light of day. Finally, here is the latest (and final) WiP picture before I have a happy dance, hopefully before the end of the year.
Only the borders left now. Wish me luck!

14 April 2017

Teacup Pincushion Exchange Part 2

Yesterday, a beautiful, beautiful box arrived at my doorstep.
What d’ya know, it’s my pincushion exchange from Diane Merlock, all the way from the US of A.
I just love how dainty and delicate the teacup pincushion is, from the fine cross stitches to the queen stitches to the eyelets…
Not to mention the lovely antique teacup. According to Diane, the “Thomas R Germany” mark at the bottom indicates that it’s from 1953-1960.
The painted flowers on both the cup and saucer are exquisite. The saucer is also perfect for placing my scissors on while stitching.
The package came with some yummy variegated threads, an Erica Michaels’ cross stitch chart and a colouring book (not shown).
Thank you again, Diane, for the wonderful exchange!

06 April 2017

Teacup Pincushion Exchange Part 1

Three months ago, I joined an exchange organised by NNC. It's been so long since I've joined an exchange that I've forgotten how it works. Almost :P
My assigned send-to partner is Paul Lionel and the exchange is a teacup pincushion to be exact. Here's the box that greeted Paul when it arrived at his doorstep yesterday ^^
I decided to make a rose teacup pincushion that I modified from this Rose Coin Purse. The teacup and saucer are a matching set from the Bretagne line from Provincial Living.
I had purposely picked a green teacup and saucer as I feel it would resemble the sepals and leaves of a rose, thus better showcasing the rose pincushion. I really love the scallop detailing on the edges of both teacup and saucer.
Together with the rose teacup pincushion, I had added a box of Matilda's Own Flower Head Pins. After all, I didn't want the pincushion to be lonely without pins for company XD
In the package, I had also included some fabric buttons, charms, a box of green tea and variegated yarn from Lincraft (I absolutely love this Australian crafting store... So much goodies).
Made a simple card to accompany the package too. And that's it! Exchange completed. Happy that Paul is happy with it :D
Till next time, Happy Stitching! Now, back to my uni assignment. Sigh!

11 July 2016

I Thee Wed

First semester of uni is done! I'm currently on holiday :D To celebrate, I have a new start...

Sean and I bought an apartment that will be completed next month. We'll be moving shortly after. Hence, Savannah is my logical choice ^.^ I'm stitching her on Fall to Pieces by Colour Cascade Fabrics.
I realized I've yet to mention here that Sean and I got married :D Our simple garden ceremony was held at Lakeside Cottage in Kilsyth South last October.
My bridal bouquet was a lovely combination of sunflowers (the flowers Sean gave me throughout our courtship), statice (to match my tanzanite engagement ring) and babys breath.
Below is my absolute favourite photo from the wedding.
I think our photographer, Melissa Holden did an awesome job.
Uni starts again 1 August. Hopefully I'll have some updates before then.
Till next time, Happy Stitching!

19 February 2016

Buchan Caves

Guess what? After weeks of waiting, I've finally received an offer to the Bachelor of Design at Swinburne University! To say that I'm stoked is an understatement. Orientation Day is next Monday. Wish me luck ^^
In the meantime, I took advantage of the long break by making quite a bit of progress on Moment of Reading.
Only the roses left to go now.
Fast forward to Valentine's weekend, Sean and I had a getaway at Buchan Cave Reserve. Immediately upon arrival, we were greeted by grazing kangaroos.
Early next morning, we went for both the Royal Cave and Fairy Cave guided tours which are operated daily. The honeycomb of caves was formed almost 400 million years ago by underground rivers cutting through limestone rock.
The calcite-rimmed pools in Royal Cave are absolutely beautiful to behold.
Gravity defying stalactites hung from the roof of the cave.
Both caves are well lit with concrete pathways.
Yup, that’s me being completely awed by the elaborate stalactites and stalagmites in Fairy Cave.
I believe this formation is named The Chandelier. One can easily see why.
Words alone cannot describe how spectacular the limestone formations were. Hopefully the photos we took have been able to marginally convey some of the grandeur.
If you ever have the chance to visit this area, do visit Buchan Caves. It truly was a magical experience.