02 August 2010


Four months, two jobs, one breakup later, I finally have a finish to show. Can you say life happened? I actually completed this last Friday but didn't get around to posting it until today. So without further ado, here it is.
Design: It's Berry Time
Designer: Blackbird Designs
Fabric: 32 count Hand Dyed Fibers Jackalope Linen
Fibers: Hand Dyed Fibers silk (Crushed Berry)
I love how the name of the floss went with the theme of the piece. I've been privately calling it my Berries project. You can see how the colours flows so naturally into each other with these close up shots.
Don't you just love the glossy shine of silk?
The only changes I made to this piece was the year. The numbers were not provided so I had to chart it out. Am pretty satisfied with the result.
So what's next, you ask. I have no idea though Mike has been pushing me to work on a friend's birthday present that I started a while ago which was supposedly due in April...


Anonymous said...

O May gosh, Veronica I like it! I looks awesome! I love the Color Scheme. And Welcome back on making a Blog Entry. Missed you! =D

Christine said...

Gorgeous finish, Veronica!! I really love this design.

Sorry to hear that life has been hectic and with some upheaval lately. Here's hoping things settle down for you.

Jan said...

Glad to see you back in blog land. Your stitching looks really nice.

Carol R said...

Beautiful finish Veronica! Love the Crush Berries silk against the Jackalope linen- perfect choice!

Blu said...

Congratulations! Berry Time is beautiful. That floss & fabric combo is lovely.

Sharon said...

It's gorgeous!