20 June 2006

Passione Ricamo Autumn

I stitched two more Passione Ricamo freebies... this time of an Autumn theme. It was just plain coincidence since this here is the only choice available for Rozita's round robin. It was the last square before the RR goes back home to mummy. For those of you who're too late in downloading it, the series is being published again in The World of Cross Stitching magazine. Spring and Summer Postcard is already out in issue 111 and issue 112 respectively. Autumn and Winter Postcard will each be printed in issue 116 and issue 117.
I know Roz can't wait to see the whole piece but since her RR theme is the same as mine, I won't post a picture of it until I have my RR back. That way, when I post both pictures together, you all can compare how different both our round robins look stitched on different fabrics with a different arrangement. Coincidentally, she stitched Autumn on mine as well and now I understand what she meant when she said that the occasional confetti stitches were killing her. The end result is beautiful though, don't you agree?
Anyway, after I posted the Topiaries as my picture answer for the SBQ, with a splurt of enthusiasm and speed, I picked it up again and started stitching frantically. Within two days, I had completed the Autumn Topiary. Makes me wonder why I had not done that sooner.
Now here's the finish piece... the first piece I've done this year that I can claim as being completely mine - something that I've stitched all for myself. The luxury and satisfaction that comes from that is incomparable. I've personalised it by adding these words that I wrote at the top:
For everything in Life, there's a Reason
Just as there's Beauty in every Season

I thought it fits in nicely and it stands to remind me, whenever I look at it that no matter what happens in life, God's work is always involved and that instead of complaining or blaming someone, I should try to look for the silver lining in the situation. Now, if only saying is as easy as actually doing...


Stitch or no stitch said...

Your topiary piece is absolutely lovely and your personalization and the thought behind it beautiful.

Looking forward to seeing your next project.


Lili said...

I'm not a believer -unfortunately?- but I agree with the overall philosophy, Veronica. Very wise.
Lovely projects, as ever!
Take care!

angioletto79 said...

fantastic creation!!

angioletto79 said...

fantastic creation!!

Carto said...

I love your Topiary creation - very nicely done. You're right, it is very easy to say but very hard to do. Hope you are well :)

Chiara said...

Your Topiary is wonderful!!! And you personalization is lovely and useful (it very import to have a reminder)!!! Compliments!!

~Harsha~ said...

such lovely finishes! Congrats Vero :)

Anonymous said...

could you please send to me this picture.
I would like to make for me.
best regards from Portugal

Anonymous said...

Your topiary piece is beautiful, do you know where I could find the pattern,