15 July 2014

Plethora of Bookmarks

23 April aka World Book Day... Yup, another long overdue post.
To commemorate this occasion, NNC had a bookmark exchange. I had previously picked up these two kits from Japan and I took this opportunity to put them to good use. 
I bought a selection of Japanese origami paper from Daiso in case I messed up with the materials provided. I shouldn't have worried. 
The instructions given in both English and Japanese were surprisingly easy to follow. I ended up making five shiori ningyo (Japanese Dolls). 
Here they are with front and back details. 
So happy I learned to create a collage in Lightroom :) 
I think they're so delicate and pretty. 
As usual, they differ a little from the samples in the kit. A flaw of mine - I can't help changing things up. 
Two were given to Zarina, my bookmark exchange partner. 
I presented them in printed origami envelopes. 
I think they turned out pretty well. 
It's my strongest belief that presentation counts. 
The other three were given as lucky draw gifts during NNC 7th Anniversary Meet.
The NNC 7th Anniversary Meet was held on 12 April 2014. I wanted to contribute to the door gifts. I experimented to make a butterfly bookmark as shown here and ended up with this prototype. 
Encouraged, I folded more using double sided origami paper. 
Packed them into sealable plastic bags. 
We had tons of fun that day. Here's a group shot of all who attended. 
And the haul everyone brought home with them. 
I was also given my bookmark exchange by Sally
Which comes with a book to boot! Close up of the pretty tatted bookmark. 
And the book-matching peony bookmark. 
It had been a really great day!