16 January 2014

Another Goodbye...

I'm truly saddened today that a good friend from our NEEDLESnCRAFTS Yahoo Group lost her battle with cancer early this morning.
Last month, members of our group decided to make her a quilt to show her we care. Luckily, with the efforts of all who contributed the blocks, not to mention Zarina's quilting skills, the quilt was finished and delivered to her just this past Saturday.
Not a moment too soon either :(
Words escape me at the moment so I'll just let the pictures do the talking... Janet's Quilt.
My blocks were not on the front of the quilt though due to unforeseen delays. They were sewed onto the back instead.
Paul's remark that the teddies can personally keep Janet company under the quilt when she snuggles under it warms my heart. Giving Janet comfort and company was precisely my thought when I hit on making teddy bear blocks.
We were asked by Mel to take photos of the making progress of our individual blocks so she could compile it into a photo book for Janet to look at in bed while she's recuperating. Sadly, that was not to be.
However, I figured I'll show them here anyway in remembrance of Janet as these were taken for her while thinking of her.
For me, the blocks started out as crude sketches of teddy bears I saw online.
Then they were traced onto a 12" x 12" white/cream based fabric.
We were told by Nik, organizer of Janet's Quilt, that the colour palatte is red, green and blue.
Sewing up the applique pieces...
The bears soaking in the bath.
Red Teddy Bear 
Blue Teddy Bear
My pair of applique teddy bears.
Janet, you will be sorely missed along life's way, quietly remembered every day.
No longer in our life to share, but in our hearts, you're always there.