24 August 2013


Before I show you Lady Alexandra's progress today, I'd like to share with you a side hobby of mine which I just got into early this year.
As those of you who've read my previous post know, I've had the chance to visit Melbourne, Australia and Bangkok, Thailand earlier this year. Now, I've never been big on buying souvenirs but I wanted something to remember the trips by. I didn't want a dime a dozen souvenirs like key chains, postcards or magnets.
With that in mind, I hit on the idea of charm bracelet. I ended up choosing Pandora as it's widely available in many countries. Here's my first bracelet with a travel theme. Each charm holds a specific memory or memories.
After that, came this ocean/marine bracelet because not only did I spent a lot of time on the beaches in Australia and Thailand, I also visited the aquariums in both cities.
Which brings me to what I really wanted to show you... my cross stitch bracelet. With my long time love for cross stitching, how could I resist making a bracelet to represent this hobby of mine?
An x-stitch charm with the stitches in gold. I'll admit part of the reason I took these photos was because I wanted to play with my 100 mm macro lens aka "L Baby". Yes, my camera and lens are my babies ^.^
A scissors charm. The reason these charms seemed littered with scuff marks is due to the macro power of the lens. Every tiny imperfect detail that's normally invisible to the naked eye has been enhanced tenfold.
And my very own frog prince. Isn't he charming with his golden crown? Hopefully he'll keep all frogs away from my stitching from now on.
Anyway, on to what you actually came here for... Lady Alexandra. (Aren't you tired of her yet? :P) One last shade of red to go.
One last thing, I've decided on Sparklies' Winter Skies for Red. Thank you to everyone who offered your opinions.
Till next time, Happy Stitching!

18 August 2013


Update on Lady Alexandra. My needle sure seems to be smoking. It must be her red dress. She's certainly on fire ^.^
Speaking of red, have you seen Mirabilia's latest design? Introducing Red, aka Red Riding Hood :)
This more detailed photo was provided by Nora on the Facebook Mirabilia group. Check out the beading on her gorgeous red hood.
For the first time ever, I've ordered the chart and kit within 24 hours of a design's release. What can I say? I'm in love.
After that, I went fabric stash diving and came up with two posibilities.
Floss toss for red on Polstitches Avalon Opalescent Cashel.
I'm thinking perhaps an enchanted forest mood on Avalon?
Or Sparklies Winter Skies Opalescent Belfast.
As for this one, the fabric name is kinda self explanatory :P
What do you think? Help! I'm desperate for opinions.

12 August 2013

Lady in Red

A very short post today to show my Lady Alexandra WiP. As you can see, I've converted her dress to red. If I have it my way, she would be aflame in bright, vivid, screaming fire-engine red before I'm done. 
I've always thought her pose radiated confidence and passion with a devil-may-care attitude. What better colour to represent that than red? ^.^
Till next time, Happy Stitching!