29 July 2013

Mirabilia Seasonal Queens

Over a month late. Yikes! Way past time to announce the winner for my Singing the Blues kit.
Congratulations, Edgar!
Please send me your mailing information so I can send this out to you as soon as possible.
A year ago, I joined my first Mirabilia Round Robin. My finished RR has actually returned home early this year. Here it is now in its completed splendor.
Design: Seasonal Queens Round Robin
Designer: Mirabilia
Fabric: 32 count Picture This Plus Crystal Fresco Belfast linen
Fibers: DMC & Kreinik Metallic
Embelishment: Mill Hill Beads
I just had to showcase each queen individually.
Here's lovely Winter Queen.
She's stitched by the very talented fabric dyer Leslie.
I absolutely love the trailing strand of beads.
Here's my Spring Queen again.
Click here for more detailed pics of her.
Stunning Summer Queen.
Thank you, Jaqueline for such a gorgeous RR square. 
Her hair is almost totally covered with beads.
Last but not least, beautiful Autumn Queen.
This square was contributed by Renée. Thank you! 
I think she's the blingiest (is that even an actual word? :P) of them all.
A while ago, I talked about how Silkweaver, after changing ownership, has failed to live up to its previous reputation and service. You can read about it here. I guess someone tipped them off about my post and they made up to me by sending me a properly dyed Aegan Aqua.
Now this is the colour I'm talking about. Pretty, isn't it? Perfect for a mermaid. Last I checked, shipping is still kinda pricey if you're only buying a small amount of fabric but more reasonable if you're buying more so I'm definitely contemplating buying from Silkweaver again.
I haven't been in the mood to stitch recently until suddenly, this past week, I couldn't stop. What have I been working on? It's another new start. Yup, with numerous WiP still unaccounted for, I started another project. At least it got my stitching mojo back so that's good, right?
Say hello to Lady Alexandra. 
Gosh, over one skin certainly takes a lot of patience. I'm so glad that's done and over with. I'm stitching her on Polstitches Taboo opalescent cashel. I didn't stitch her in all the recommended colours. Can you spot the differences? I've more changes in store as well. Wait and see ^.^
Til next time, happy stitching!