14 January 2013


Firstly, today's my mum's birthday. Happy Birthday, Mum!
It's surprising how hard it is to get back to blogging once I stopped. They say life is full of ups and downs. That accurately describes my life for the past few months.
My grandfather on my dad's side passed away peacefully in his sleep on 2 November 2012. Even though his health has been gradually deteriorating, it was rather unexpected and was quite a shock to the family. I didn't know my grandfather well as he wasn't an easy man to get close to. However, he had always shown us, through his actions, that he loved us.
He had been living with us for a few months due to his health prior to his passing. When he was living in Sungai Petani, Kedah with my grandmother, we would visit them annually, especially during Chinese New Year. He'd always buy us a lot of seafood. If the rambutan tree in his garden is bearing fruit, he'd also climb the tree at his own risk to harvest the fruits for us to bring home. I was told that one time, he accidentally fell from the tree (I was still too young to realize what had happened). Luckily he recovered from his fall.
I'd mentioned before that my favourite food is petai. Every time we visit, he would buy a bunch of petai from the local market for my grandmother to cook for me. Only for me because no one else in the family loves petai as much as I do.
Another food I love is a type of shellfish also known as blood cockle. This love was cultivated by my grandfather. One of my most vivid memories with him was me standing on a stool at the kitchen sink while he painstakingly opened the shells before popping the boiled cockles into my mouth. I was perhaps five or six? Still too short to reach the kitchen sink, hence the stool :P
Wherever he is now, I hope he is at peace and pain free. We miss you, grandfather.
Also in November, I had the opportunity to visit Sungai Lembing with my church group. A lovely place for some well needed R&R, it boasts wonderful views like this:
Taken at Panorama Hill. And this:
Aptly named Rainbow Waterfall, it was the highlight of the entire trip. There's nothing like seeing a rainbow up close and personal. Have I ever mentioned that the rainbow is my namesake? Yup, my Chinese name is named after the rainbow ^.^
Then, in December, there was my birthday. I've been interested in photography for over a year now. Before investing in a dSLR though, I did a lot of reading and research. Finally, this is what I got for my birthday:
Yup, a Canon EOS 650D aka Rebel T4i in US. Believe me when I said I've been debating between Canon and Nikon for months now. The decision wasn't easy but the 650D along with its touch screen and hybrid AF system won me over. Hopefully, you'll see an improvement in the quality of my photos overtime.
And me, being me, a complete and total girl, I just gotta get my camera one of these:
Epiphan!e's Lola in red. Can you believe this is actually a camera bag? Or camera purse as I call it. I fell head over heels in love with it the moment I saw it. It spots the cutest, most adorable camera tag too.
I figured what better time to buy it than Christmas? Hehe... Special thanks to Mikey for shipping it to me all the way from US.
Of course, there were also a lot of World of Warcraft and Diablo 3 gaming involved in between. Don't worry, my needle hasn't been completely idle the whole time. There are stitching updates in this post, which I bet is what you're here for :P I'll admit it has been a struggle to get anything finished. In fact, this is all I have to show during all those months I was MIA.
Design: The Dreamer
Designer: Mirabilia
Fabric: 32 count Silkweaver Solo Opalescent Belfast
Fibers: DMC
Embelishment: Mill Hill Beads
This final square is for Renée's RR. This is actually the second time I've been in an RR with her. Oh, how impatient she must be by now to have it returned to her. I apologize again for the delay, Renée.
As you can see, I've flipped The Dreamer around to mirror Enchanted Dreamer.
She has such a sweet face. Perhaps that's the reason the frogs wouldn't leave her alone?
Not a very blingy design but I think the bright colours more than make up for that.
I feel that this is perhaps the hardest Mirabilia I've stitched to date with the sheer number of colours involved. Tons of colour changes and confetti stitches do not make me a happy camper.
Not to mention the amount of blending involved. If you're planning to stitch this design, consider yourself forewarned. Of course, if you have truckloads of patience and determination, go for it. After all, The Dreamer is absolutely one pretty lady :)
Until next time, Happy Stitching!


Grit said...

Fantastic Stitching and so beautiful pictures.
Liebe Grüße Grit

Pull the other thread said...

Sorry to hear of your loss.
Your stitching is lovely, I did the full sized Dreamer and I will agree it is a challenging piece. It took me a long time to get her completed.

Margaret said...

I'm so sorry about your grandfather. Those stories of how he would make food for you alone and for the family show his love for sure. Love your Mirabilia stitching for your friend's RR. And the camera and camera bag! Cool! Love that camera bag!! Good to see a post from you!

Mii Stitch said...

Beautiful stitching! Lovely design & great pictures :)

Miamina said...

Very sorry to hear of your loss but you have some wonderful memories of your grandfather to hold on to.

It's great to see you back and to hear about what you have been doing whether it's craft relating or gaming or just general "life" stuff.

Look forward to seeing your future posts!

valerie said...

So sorry to read this news about your grandfather Veronica. My condolences to you and your family. I like your new camera. It looks very fancy! and your contribution to the RR is gorgeous! The colors certainly do pop. Happy New Year!

Fiona said...

Sorry for your loss, you grandfather surely gave you a lot of wonderful memories. The RR looks great.

Ellen said...

So sorry to hear about your grandfather!

The RR is gorgeous!Your stitching is so beautiful!

Love that camera purse, it's my favorite color too!


Nurdan Kanber said...

Veronica I am so sorry for your lost.
My condolences!

At the other hand, it is obvious that, each of us, sooner or later but certainly faces this unchangeable truth of our lives!

As per your stitching, the dreamer looks fantastic and I really miss to follow your updates on your beautiful works.

Hope you are gonna continue to blogging as before!

All my very best

Christine S said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, Veronica.

Beautiful stitching! And that's a great camera bag. I had a look at the website and they have a lot of great-looking bags. How is their quality?

Topcho said...

So sorry for your loss... I loved reading the stories about your grandfather...
And your stitching is beautiful! This RR is absolutely awesome, such great designs you've chosen!

Chris said...

So Sorry for the loss of your Grandfather. Lovely memories of him.
Your stitching is gorgeous. So nice to see an update from you.

Lynn said...

Yesterday was my eldest son's birthday as well. I can't believe I have a 32 yr old son!!
I am so sorry to hear of your grandfather's death but I did love hearing of your memories of him.
You did a marvelous job on your portion of the Mirabilia RR. Gorgeous colours!

Carol said...

I've missed you, is so nice to see a new post from you :)

Your memories of your grandfather are so sweet. I'm so sorry for your loss--he sounds like a very special man.

What a great new camera--and that red bag--wow!! I hope we see lots of beautiful photos on your blog taken with it...

Pretty RR--I'm sure Renee will be thrilled to have it home again!

Wishing your mom a Happy Birthday, too--mine is tomorrow!!

Melissa said...

I love your camera bag!!

The Dreamer is beautiful as is the whole RR piece. Great job :)

Giovanna said...

Many happy returns to your mother. I'm sorry to read about your grandfather. My condolences to you and your family.

The Mira RR is absolutely stunning, well done.

Penny said...

So sorry to hear about your grandfather. It sounds like you have some lovely memories of him. That is a gorgeous camera bag! Beautiful stitching! Wishing your mom a Happy Birthday! :)

Le trame della Galaverna said...

My condolences to you and your family.
I'm so sorry.

I want to compliment for your beautiful embroideries.

Melanie said...

Happy birthday to your Mum and a belated birthday to you!
I'm so sorry to hear your grandfather. My condolences to you and your family. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Belated birthday wishes to your mom.Deepest condolences...may your granfdfather rest in peace. Gorgeous stitching and holiday photos.


Julie said...

Belated happy birthday to your mum. Such sad news to read you have lots a family member.very beautiful stitching.

Catherine said...

So sorry to read the news if your grandfather. Your memories of him are so special!
Love your camera ~ and that is a great bag!
Lovely stitches too!

Lillie said...

Happy Belated Birthday to both you and your mom.

Sorry for your lost.

I think I loved the bag more than the camera! LOL

Have a good weekend and take care!

DJ said...

I have wondered where you've been, and so thankful to hear from you!! I'm sorry for the loss of your Grandfather and I will be praying for you and your family. Happy Belated Birthday!! Looks like you had lots of wonderful gifts! Can't wait to see what you'll do with your new camera! And last, but not least, what BEAUTIFUL stitching!! Again, I'm so glad to hear from you! *Hugs*

Nicola said...

I had missed your posts. I am so sorry about your grandfather, you have precious memories to hold onto too. I often feel at times of need my grandmother's hand on my shoulder.

You will love your Canon, I would not buy another make.

Anne said...

Veronica!! So glad to see you back and read a post from you. So sorry to hear about the loss of your grandfather. I know how it feels as I lost mine too. It's nice to remember them though with memories of yours cooking with you and popping those cockles into your mouth. May he rest in peace.

Your camera is making me jealous!!! I love it! Must be so much fun taking photos now! Love the camera bag too. It looks so like a purse!! Your gal for the RR is very dreamy and pretty!

Hugs from me and Titus!!

♥ Nia said...

Oh my!!!! such a gorgeous work!! :D
Beauuuuuuuutiful =)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow! Another spectacular Mira RR!

Brigitte said...

Great scenery that you show here.
I love to see pictures of all these Mirabilia RRs that are around in the stitching world. They are all so gorgeous! I love the part that you stitched on this one. Looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

So when are you going to post your babies and your crib =D.