27 June 2012

The All-in-1 Post

Not a few posts ago, I said I gotta stop doing this. Now I'm doing it again. Since I'm late for everything, this is the mother of all all-in-1 posts.
First up, I spent IHSW two weekends ago and most of last week working on the borders for my first Mirabilia Round Robin. I'm no strangers to round robins but it has been years since I've joined one and certainly not a Mirabilia one before. Took me a while to settle on the Seasonal Queens.
Seeing as how borders are the bane of my existance, it shouldn't come as a surprise that my stitchy update ended up being so long overdued. Now for the fun part. I'll be stitching Spring Queen for my square.
At least I made progress on Monday's 6 Fat Man SAL...
...and ended with a mini happy dance.
Design: Snow House
Designer: Lizzie Kate
Fabric: 32 count Picture This Plus Tarnish Belfast linen
Fibers: Hand Dyed Fibers silk
For WiPocalypse, I also finished two more motifs in my Magic Garden Sampler.
Lynn, however, has nearly completed hers. Sigh! Anyone else wanna SAL this design with me? LOL!
Since I've been on a Mirabilia craze lately, here's my TUSAL orts jar with Seaside Kingdom behind it.
Yes, I managed to get my hands on this hard-to-find, out-of-print chart! All because of Carin.
I found a shop in Netherlands who still has it in stock but the owner refused to send it overseas. Carin agreed to order and ship it to me. I reimbursed her the cost of course but really, if not for her, I'd still be searching high and low for it.
So thank you, once again, Carin, from the deepest bottom of my heart.
I'm convinced that my fellow stitchers are the kindest and most giving souls out there. Here are two more examples why... I've been pretty lucky lately and won a couple of giveaways. Here are some lovely vintage patterns I received from Melissa.
And a lovely piece of Silkweaver fabric from Melanie.
Isn't the colour yummy? It's in my favourite count too!
Thank you, Melissa and Melanie.
I see I've just hit 300 Followers! I'm a little overwhelmed. 300! Never in my wildest dreams. I'm really not that interesting, you know.
In light of all the kindness I've received lately, it's my turn to have a giveaway so stay tuned. I'll set it up as soon as possible. Gotta take care of an exchange and finish my Spring Queen block first.
May you find joy in your stitches!

20 June 2012


My poor, poor neglected blog. I have been stitching yet have nothing to show. I've been having the attention span of a fruit fly so it seems like I've not gotten anything done :(
Anyway, I'm it, tagged by Tammy to answer her 11 questions :)
  1. Favourite pattern ever stitched - show a picture if you can.
  2. I guess WiPs don't count so it would have to be Voice of the Shepherd by Told in A Garden.
  1. Favourite junk food to have while stitching.
  2. I don't eat while stitching. However, I like to have a glass of Ribena (blackcurrent juice) at hand.
  3. Your Favourite Blog to visit
  4. This is a tough one. However, I'm sure these three are probably at the top of most stitchers' list to visit.
  5. Do you leave comments on blogs?
  6. I try to as much as possible.
  7. Do you reply to your comments on your blog?
  8. Usually only when a question is asked or I have something to say. Mostly I just leave a comment in return :)
  9. Your favorite thread to work with ie. DMC, Anchor, sampler, weeks ect.
  10. Vikki Clayton's Hand-Dyed Fibers (silk)
  11. Do you know a male stitcher?
  12. Yes, Paul, who is a member of my local Needles n Craft Yahoo Group.
  13. What is the biggest stitched piece you have stitched?
  14. Angel of Hope by Lavender & Lace
  1. What is the farthest away you have traveled to go to a stitching store, what was it called?
  2. Only to Haby & Wools in Kuala Lumpur. Not that far away. I mostly purchase online.
  3. Favorite tool to use with stitching.
  4. Tacky Bob for beading.
  5. Do you like stitching for others or yourself and why?
  6. Both. I give my stitched pieces to friends and family to show how much they mean to me. To me, a dose of love is put in with every single stitch I make. The rest I stitch for me to enjoy.
Now make up 11 questions and tag fellow stitchers.
The 11 friends I tag...
And their 11 questions (which I answered too in case you're curious). I figure I'll alternate between stitchy and non-stitchy questions to make this more fun.
  1. What is your most favourite DMC colour/code? (Yes, you can only pick one)
  2. DMC 336 - Navy Blue
  3. If you could go to any country for free, where would you go and why?
  4. Ireland. It's wild, it's beautiful. My first childhood penpal is Irish. She, along with Nora Roberts, have fuelled my love and curiosity for Ireland. On top of that, The Giant Causeway is in my places-I-must-visit-in-my-lifetime list.
  5. Fabric, floss or chart? Pick one.
  6. Fabric, preferably hand-dyed. A girl could never have too much fabric. God knows I already own too many charts I could ever stitch in my lifetime.
  7. If you could ask God for a non superhero ability/talent, what would it be?
  8. I'd like to have a green thumb. I managed to kill the cactus I bought. Apparently it could survive in the desert but not my room :/
  9. If you could ask a designer a question, which designer and what would you ask?
  10. I'll ask Nora Corbett why some of her designs are Out of Print :(
  11. Besides stitching, what other hobby takes up the most of your time?
  12. It's a toss up between reading and playing computer games for me. Difference is, I can read anywhere, anytime but computer games can only be played at home.
  13. Hardwood floors, tiles or carpet for your craft studio?
  14. Hardwood floors for sure.
  15. Are you a morning or night person?
  16. Definitely a night person.
  17. If you could only shop in one needlework store be it ONS or LNS for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
  18. Probably Needlecraft Corner. Drema is a real sweetheart and most of her items come with a 20% discount.
  19. How long/short is your hair? Do you keep it that lengh because you or someone else likes it?
  20. Mine's pretty long, past my shoulders down my back. I think I look better with long hair. It's a bonus that Mikey likes it long too. Longer if he had his way.
  21. What is your all-time favourite design?
  22. I have so many but right now, it's Mirabilia's new Dressmakers' Daughter. Can you tell I'm a sucker for four season designs? (And the bling, of course. Oh, the bling... It's gonna be spectacular. LOL!)
Hopefully I'll have stitchy pics to show next post.
Happy Stitching!

02 June 2012


When a WiP is screaming at you to work on it, it's generally wise to take heed and listen. Ignoring it and continuing stitching on Magic Garden Sampler has landed me paltry progress.
This is because the offended WiP will throw a massive tantrum and heap frogs your way, making it a one step forward, two steps back situation.
The culprit? None other than Stella of course.
I had wanted to take a short break after finishing all the stitching before starting the beading. After all, I gotta give some love to other WiPs. My time shouldn't solely be monopolized by her, right?
Apparently she disagreed and the Frog Prince concurred with her. Who could blame him? She's as pretty as a princess. So without further ado, let the beading commence.
About time too. See how a couple of the plastic containing the beads have turned yellow? Yeah, that's how long I've had Stargazer kitted up. Luckily, the beads appeared unaffected.
Happy Stitching!