27 June 2012

The All-in-1 Post

Not a few posts ago, I said I gotta stop doing this. Now I'm doing it again. Since I'm late for everything, this is the mother of all all-in-1 posts.
First up, I spent IHSW two weekends ago and most of last week working on the borders for my first Mirabilia Round Robin. I'm no strangers to round robins but it has been years since I've joined one and certainly not a Mirabilia one before. Took me a while to settle on the Seasonal Queens.
Seeing as how borders are the bane of my existance, it shouldn't come as a surprise that my stitchy update ended up being so long overdued. Now for the fun part. I'll be stitching Spring Queen for my square.
At least I made progress on Monday's 6 Fat Man SAL...
...and ended with a mini happy dance.
Design: Snow House
Designer: Lizzie Kate
Fabric: 32 count Picture This Plus Tarnish Belfast linen
Fibers: Hand Dyed Fibers silk
For WiPocalypse, I also finished two more motifs in my Magic Garden Sampler.
Lynn, however, has nearly completed hers. Sigh! Anyone else wanna SAL this design with me? LOL!
Since I've been on a Mirabilia craze lately, here's my TUSAL orts jar with Seaside Kingdom behind it.
Yes, I managed to get my hands on this hard-to-find, out-of-print chart! All because of Carin.
I found a shop in Netherlands who still has it in stock but the owner refused to send it overseas. Carin agreed to order and ship it to me. I reimbursed her the cost of course but really, if not for her, I'd still be searching high and low for it.
So thank you, once again, Carin, from the deepest bottom of my heart.
I'm convinced that my fellow stitchers are the kindest and most giving souls out there. Here are two more examples why... I've been pretty lucky lately and won a couple of giveaways. Here are some lovely vintage patterns I received from Melissa.
And a lovely piece of Silkweaver fabric from Melanie.
Isn't the colour yummy? It's in my favourite count too!
Thank you, Melissa and Melanie.
I see I've just hit 300 Followers! I'm a little overwhelmed. 300! Never in my wildest dreams. I'm really not that interesting, you know.
In light of all the kindness I've received lately, it's my turn to have a giveaway so stay tuned. I'll set it up as soon as possible. Gotta take care of an exchange and finish my Spring Queen block first.
May you find joy in your stitches!


Edgar said...

Some beautiful stitching!!!! I am lovin' the Snowmen piece - lots!!!

BrendaS said...

Beautiful stitching Veronica! I love Six Fat Men -- just so cute and the fabric you chose is perfect:)

Carol said...

Ha ha--you're turning into me with this long post, Veronica :) Mine are endless, but I just can't seem to make myself post shorter posts more often :)

Anyway--your stitching looks wonderful and what great gifts you've received. Congratulations on your 300 followers--well deserved, I'd say!!

Melissa said...

I am looking forward to seeing the queens!

Your snowman piece is quite cute, and I love the fabric you received. Such a pretty color :)

Julie said...

Nice update and nice goodies.
The Snowmen are coming along and look forward to seeing your sal Mirabilla's.

Melissa said...

Lovely stitching in progress, Veronica! I like that blue linen you used for the snowmen too!

Congrats on 300 followers!

♥ Nia said...

hahahaha You and borders!! ;) LOL
Mini happy dance for your fat man ƪ(^◡^)ʃ uhuuuu Looking gorgeous by the way :D
Garden sampler is very pretty!
Such a beautiful fabric! Do you know what you'll stitch in that? :) Lovely gifts!! Yeap, I agree, stitchers are the best ;)

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Lots of lovely stitching. I really like the Garden Sampler - there is something so appealing about it. You're so right in saying that stitchers are kind - it's great that you got your chart.

Margaret said...

Great post with lots of good stitching! Fantastic! Love the gifts too.

dixiesamplar said...

Lovely stitching V! And that's some great stash you received as well...loving the SW fabby :o)

Nurdan said...

All my jealousy in 1 comment :))

Your stitching is wonderful, so I am getting envious with :))))

Each peace is wonderful indeed! Look forward to seeing the next progress...

Anonymous said...

just the perfect fabric for the fat men, really!!
happy xxx

Giovanna said...

Great WIPs - I just love to see how your snowmen are coming along.

Chris said...

Wow Veronica!
You have made a lot of stitching progress. I love the fat men and your garden. It looks like a good start on the Queens too.
What lovely gifts from your stitching friends.
Have a great weekend!

Tatkis said...

Your Garden sampler is magnificent! And snowmen progress looks great!


Julie said...

Congrats on 300 followers and the wins too.

The RR is going to be a super piece, how lovely.

Fat Men are looking gorgeous, i do love a snowman.

katica said...

beautiful!! All of them!!! Your RR will be stunning - looking forward to seeing more of it, Your fat men are doing great, I love the colours you have picked and your magic garden is so cute!!!

Nice tusal and great giveaway prizes - congrats on winning! Also congrats on Seaside Kingdom!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Great update! Your Mirabilia RR is going to be so pretty! Great progress on your WIPs and yes stitchers are the best!

Catherine said...

Congrats on three hundred! It's easy to see why with all of your beautiful projects! Congrats on your wins too!

Mel said...

woohoo 300! Congrats. :)

Borders and me don't get along either, but I think the RR looks all set and I can't wait to see it stitched. I love Mirabilia designs.

Sharon said...

All your projects look fantastic!

Melanie said...

Good call on doing the borders first! lolol I stashed away a project a couple months ago because I ran into a 'border problem'. So tricksy, they are. *sigh*

Congrats on hitting 300 followers and finishing a snowman square!!

Carin said...

It was my pleasure to help you. You did some beautiful stitching, those fatmen are so funny !!!

Lynn said...

Great progress Veronica! I love, love, love the Fat Men! They're adorable!
As for Magic Garden, I've put mine on hold now while I catch up with a few other things. There's plenty of time for you to catch up with me.

Anonymous said...

I love your theme for the Mirabilia SAL you are doing.

Congratulations on your mini-happy dance with your 6 Fat Men SAL. Snowmen are so fun!

That fabric is gorgeous. Have you thought of what you will stitch on it? I look forward to your next update. :)

Anne said...

Big congrats on the 300 followers darlin'!!! Love your progress on the Fat men and the MAgic Garden. Both you and Lynn's stitching has inspired me to purchase the chart!! Nice work on your Seasonal Queens too!! Looks like your ready for them! Lovely raks you received as well!!


Carla said...

Beautiful stitching Veronica!
Look forward to seeing progress on you Mirabilia RR :)

Anne Sans Tete said...

TAG! You're it!

Meari said...

Beautiful stitching, Veronica! Congrats on your mini finish.

Congrats on your newest acquisitions. Yes, the Silkweavers is a awesome color. Love it. :)

valerie said...

Wow, looks like you've been busy Veronica! I love your Mira RR idea and can't wait to see it come alive. You're snowmen are looking great...that little house is so cute! And great progress on your Magic Garden! Congrats on 300 followers! :)

Anonymous said...

Your stitching is all beautiful.

Grit said...

Wow, was für wunderschöne Stickereien.
Liebe Grüße Grit

Claudia Valle said...

youre stitching 6 fat men too! arent they cute!? I love how yours looks with the Hand dyed threads =) Im using DMC and i love love love your fabric too