19 May 2012

Happy Week

I haven't stitched much this past week. It wasn't until Friday that I picked up 6 Fat Man for my weekly SAL. Granted, I'm a few days late but at least I could say I put some stitches in.
Snowed In is done. I figured each block deserves an individual happy dance.
Design: Snowed In
Designer: Lizzie Kate
Fabric: 32 count Picture This Plus Tarnish Belfast linen
Fibers: Hand Dyed Fibers silk
So what have I been up to besides stitching? This is what happens when I'm bored.
Mirabilia's Lady of the Mist. Can you spot the difference?
Yes, despite loving her to bits the moment I laid eyes on her, I've never cared for the uncomfortable-looking bunch of roses at her neckline. So I've taken the liberty of recharting it. She now wears only a single rose brooch. I also gave her a necklace. What do you think?
With a fair amount of apprehension, I posted it on Facebook's Mirabilia Group. apologizing to Nora for making the changes. What did ya know, I received positive responses and even Nora Corbett herself replied and I quote "No sorry! I love it! We are all individuals it makes the world more beautiful".
I was ecstatic. Nora Corbett is practically an A-List celebrity in my book and you gotta love a designer who encourages creative changes to her patterns.
Lady of the Mist has now jumped to the top of my to-stitch list. In fact, I'll be starting her the moment Stella is done, if I can wait that long ^.^ I've already ordered the beads. The hunt is now on for the perfect fabric which unfortunately is not in my stash. Oh well, retail therapy is always good, right? :P
I received a package from Anne on Thursday. Inside was this lovely fabric and card.
She had sent me a quarter yard cut of it all because I admired it when she showed it on her blog and had expressed my desire to buy some. Thank you so much, Anne. Words can't express how much I treasure our friendship too.
On other non-stitchy related matter but is too cool not to share, a pair of birds have built their nest right outside our living room window.
The nest is actually built at eye level on rather thin branches. It bobs up and down pretty violently when it's windy. I wonder if birds get motion sickness. LOL!
Mama bird is in her nest right now. Can you spot her? Take a closer look.
Don't worry, I didn't get too close. Both photos have been cropped.
I have no idea what species they are. Sure look like humming birds but they could be the Olive-Backed Sunbird too. I'm not an expert in identifying birds like Beth is.
It's IHSW again. What do you have planned? I'll be concentrating on Stella if I manage to tear myself away from Diablo III.
Happy Stitching!


katica said...

nice progress on your fat men! I agree each block is a mini happy dance, with one great big one when they are all done!

I also love your chages to Lady of the Mist... I may need to ask you for it if that is okay when I actually get to stitching mine! (it too has jumped the line in my to do pile)

Love the fabric you got and awesome nest you have!
For IHWS not sure what I have planned yet, more than likely it will be a little of this and a little of that! :O)

Nurdan said...

Hello Veronica,

Changes which you've made on template of Mirabilia' s Lady, just gave her extra beauty and elegancy. Love it! Besides,whether you are bored in stitching or not, your 6 fat men are coming to life :)

Have a great weekend,

Anonymous said...

Hi Veronica

Your snowmen are looking great!

I love the way you've customised Lady Of The Mist and made it unique to you.

That nest looks very delicate but how fantastic to have it outside your window.
Happy IHSW!

Mouse said...

ooo well done on your wee happy dance and well deserved too :)
gorgeous re charting ... just love it and sooo nice to get praise off a well known designer too :)
and cute birdie sure looks like a type of humming bird but beth probably does know the answer ;)
and happy hermitting too :) love mouse xxxxx

Margaret said...

That is so cool about Nora Corbet! It's so nice when designers are encouraging and nice about any changes to their designs like that. I love your Lady of the Mist! Love the first snowman finish too -- definitely a celebration per snowman for sure! That nest is so neat! It's fun when you can see bird's nests from your window!

Chris said...

Hey Veronica!
You are making great progress on your snowman. I think you should do a happy dance after each one!
You have done a beautiful job with changing Lady of The Mist.
What a wonderful birds nest.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

I love how your Fat Men are coming along! And how fun to hear a "well done" from the designer. : ) Happy stitching!!!


DJ said...

Oh...I am so jealous of your 6 fat men!! It's looking great! I have all the materials, I just haven't found the time to start it...famous lat words. Love the changes to Lady of the Mist, how creative are you? I think I'm pretty courageous just changing colors and here you go changing the pattern, and quite a lovely change at that! Bird watching is so much fun especially when they take up residence to close to your window! I hope we get to see progress pictures! Sorry I've missed a couple of posts, life is crazy at the moment, but I'll try to get back to regular posting! *Hugs*

Giovanna said...

Well done on finishing the snowman (cute!), and on the re-charting: that's so clever of you, I'd be totally helpless trying to do that :-)

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Lovely change to the chart, it's a very bonnie design.

dulcinella said...

The fat men are so cute:-) your redesigning of the mirabilia chart looks great. I understand what you mean about all these roses on her, and for me it was one of the reasons I liked this design less. Good for you to get a reaction from Nora herself. I bet you were thrilled.

Ellen said...

Love your snowman, he looks great with silk and your choice of fabric!

Beautiful changes to Lady of the Mist, love her!


Melanie said...

Nice progress on the snowmen! I really need to get started on that one for myself. Ugh. (I have all the supplies so I have NO excuse.)

Awesome changes to the Lady! I never ever would have known about the change if you hadn't of pointed it out. It looks perfect!

valerie said...

Your snowmen are really coming along great! I really like the changes you made to Lady of the Mist. You better get cracking on Stella so you can start another Mira! lol

So sweet of Anne to send you the fabby! What an interesting nest! Will be neat to see the chicks when they arrive!

Julie said...

Great change to Lady of the Mist, she looks so elegant.
It will be fun to watch the baby birds hatch out so close to your window.
6Fat Men looks great.

Catherine said...

Your fat men are coming along and the lady ~ oh so pretty! Love your version!! That is some bird's nest! Birds are such amazing architects, aren't they?

Anne said...

Yay! Mini happy dance for finishing a square! That snowman is cute! Like he's rolling down the hill!! I love your change to her roses. Nice to know she is open to changes to her patterns!! Glad you love the fabric. What a neat nest! Poor little birdies getting blown around like crazy on that wobbly branch!! I can spy her!

Shaunterria Owens said...

Congratulations on the mini finish - those snowmen are adorable.

I am a fan of your chart changes! They really add an air of sophistication to the piece, and I'm looking forward to seeing them stitched :)

Carol said...

You're right, Veronica--each little snowman block does deserve his own "happy dance!" Your latest is adorable :)

I really love your changes--in my mind the simpler look you gave her makes her so much more appealing! Well done!!

Meari said...

I like your recharted design! Congrats on your Fat Men finish. Adorable. :)

Very cool that a bird's nest is right out side your window.

Julie said...

Love your version of lady of the mist.I always loved her dress part from the roses that seemed to be growing out the top of her dress.:)
Brilliant that Nora loved it to.

Penny said...

I agree that each block deserves its own happy dance. I only wish I looked as happy in the snow as this little guy does. :) You did a great job with your version of Lady of the Mist! How interesting to be able to see the birds up close like that.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Congrats on completing another snowman block!

Fantastic job on the Mira re-chart and kudos for getting props from the designer!

♥ Nia said...

A nest?!?! wow! how cool :D I think I can see a little bird, kind of green/yellow right? between the second and third leaf :)
Love that fabric!!! Amazing :D
And congrats on your snowman!! You know I love those 6 fat guys heheheh Happy dance for him!!!!
ƪ(^◡^)ʃ ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ ƪ(˘˛˘)ʃ ƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ʃ*

Bea said...

Your snowman looks great and I agree that a happy dance is definitely in order. Lady of the Mist is just lovely.

Sally said...

Your L*K is looking fantastic! Love them!

Ewa said...

That's so wonderful of Nora Corbett, I'm glad you had the courage to post it.

Joysze said...

Great rechart, Veronica!! I've never liked her boobed roses either. ;)