22 February 2012

Meet Stella

"Who is Stella?" you ask. Well, dear readers, this is Stella... My new project.
I started The Stargazer by Mirabilia on Valentine's Day and have been stitching on her since, all through IHSW. She's stitched on Silkweaver's Starquest Reflections Belfast and is to date the design with the most bling that I've ever attempted. I must admit all those beads are making me a little nervous but I'll only worry about that when the time comes.
By the way, what is your usual stitching process for Mirabilias, Lavender & Lace, Passione Ricamo, etc. designs? Do you start at the top, bottom, left or right? Do you finish the head, the dress or perhaps even the background first? Do you stitch the skin as soon as you could or leave it for last? Do you stitch the skin as charted or do you prefer it over one? These questions popped into my head while working on Stargazer and I'd love to hear your answers.
As you can see, I started at the middle and headed straight for Stella's head/face immediately. I've stitched her skin over one. I just love the delicate effect of over one skin. With the exception of Garden Verses, I usually complete the face first as I like to see who I'm stitching and watch her grow. Besides, I dread stitching the fiddly skin and since the hair usually contains confetti stitches, I'd rather get those out of the way as soon as possible. The only reason I've not stitched the skin on Garden Verses is because it consists of a big area and I've yet to decide how I'm gonna go about it. That amount of one over one scares me. LOL!
Technically, The Stargazer is not on my WiPocalypse list but in my opinion, that's the beauty of WiPocalypse. I'm allowed to start anything I want because after all, the world might end soon and I ain't about to miss my chance to do so :P
Anyway, I've been seeing stitchers posting photos of their ort jars on their blogs which reminds me that it's once again time for TUSAL. Here's my ort jar:
It now contains plenty of clippings from Home of A Needleworker (Too)! and of course The Stargazer.
One last thing, I've removed Blogger's new, impossible-to-read word verification from my comment section.  I've been getting spam since removing it but I'd rather my visitors not have to go through that just to leave me a comment. Believe me, I know how frustrating and annoying it can be. Don't you just hate it when people try to fix something that isn't broken? Sigh!
Happy Stitching!

18 February 2012

First 2012 Finish

Yikes! I'm more than ten days late for my WiPocalypse update. Where has the time flown to? At least I have a finish to show.
Design: Home of A Needleworker (Too)!
Designer: Little House Needleworks
Fabric: 32 count Lakeside Linens Navy Bean Belfast linen
Fibers: Hand Dyed Fibers silk
I'm really happy with how my HDF conversion makes an already pretty design so much more vibrant.
This dear little cottage is in my favourite colour - blue.
If you're interested, this is my HDF conversion:
  • CC Bamboo - HDF BeCreamed
  • CC Brandied Pears - HDF Examplar Fire Thorn
  • CC Cocoa Bean - HDF Examplar Old Maid of the Soil
  • CC Hickory Sticks - HDF Examplar Hearthstone
  • CC Old Blue Jeans - HDF Magpie Warbles
  • CC Razzleberry - HDF Examplar Crushed Berry
  • CC Weeping Willow - HDF BeFrogged
I gotta say this is one of my favourite design to stitch. I'm almost sorry to see it done... Amost!
It's IHSW this weekend. Will you be hermitting with us? I've already started a new project and am anxious to get to it. Stay tune for details ^.^
Happy Stitching!

11 February 2012

Friendship Bag Exchange

Early December last year, I joined in the Friendship Bag Exchange on NNC. For this exchange, participants were required to make a fabric bag no larger than 8" x 8" and fill it with bits and bobs for a crafter. I handed the bag to my exchange partner, Margaret, today during our Stitching Bee so I can finally show it to you.
Anyway, here's the bag I made. I named it the Woven Bag. I'm sure you can understand the reason for that ^.^
This bag is very special to me for I designed it. I did not follow any pattern at all. Instead of embroidery, I decided once again to try something new - Lattice Smocking for the front and back.
For the handles, I made a six strand braid from the same fabric I used for the sides. In actuality, the whole bag except for the lining is made from the same fabric. One side of this fabric is grey and the other side black.
I lined it with Frilly Hearts from the Still by Loralie Harris for Quilting Treasures collection.
For the contents, these are what I included: buttons, bobbin cards with lace and labels, a mini sewing kit, a tape measure, Little House Needleworks' Snow White along with a bobbin of HDF Examplar White Chocolate to stitch it and an apple notepad.
I'm so happy Margaret loves it. Now I can breath easy again and concentrate on my stitching.
On the way home, Bee Ee, one of our members who is kind enough to give me a lift to and from the Bee (Thank you, Bee Ee) gifted me with a sweet little pouch.
I absolutely love the lavender colour and lace she used. The word she stitched on it is "Prosperity" in Chinese. Thank you, again.
Happy Stitching, everyone!