20 July 2011


My friend, June, has been wanting to know how I store my floss for a while now. I'm sorry it took me so long to post the photos. So, this is for you, June.
I store my DMC floss in a two tier craft box. Lucky for me, it's big enough to fit my entire set of DMC in.
As you can see here, I had the floss wound on plastic bobbins. So much easier for storage.
I've been building up my collection of HDF Solids. My micro bobbins are stored in a clear Ferrero Rocher box.
Of course, my box is now overflowing.
What better excuse could one ask for to buy more chocolates? I used to joke with Mikey that silks are yummier than chocolates. Don't you agree with me?
I've also been asked to show my scissors collection. Now, my collection isn't as extensive as some stitchers I see out there but until I put them all on display like this, I never realize I've already accumulated this many scissors. LOL!
One last thing, I received this gorgeous scarf from Radha a few weeks back. I've neglected to show it off until now. Radha knows my favourite colour is blue so she made me one in a brilliant shade of blue. Thank you so much again, Radha. I love it!
That's it for now. I'll show more piccies of my Romantique Sampler next time. I'm working on the next two parts at the moment.
Happy Stitching!

08 July 2011

I Caught Up!

This post's title says it all. Finally, finally, I caught up on my Romantique Sampler.
Part 10
Part 11
As of 26 June 2011
Part 12
Part 13
And here's how it looks like currently.
I managed to beat the deadline by four days too. (I had completed Part 13 couple of days ago but didn't have the opportunity to take a decent photo until this morning). Can you tell my needle's been busy? ^.^
Guess what's I'm stitching at the moment while waiting for the next part?
Happy Stitching!

02 July 2011

I've Been Featured!

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by Scott of Be @ Home, a home decor blog. He asked if he could feature my blog in his weekly Best of the Web series. I agreed immediately. How could I not jump at this opportunity? I've never had a request like this before.
Today, I received another email from Scott. The article has been posted!
I'd love it if you would go over and take a look. Gotta scroll down a little though. I'm sure my regular readers would be able to recognize my journal cover ^.^
To my friends, readers and fellow bloggers, you all have been phenomenal with your encouragements, inspiring me to keep creating. Thank you so much!