26 October 2011

Belated October IHSW

Yes, I know, I'm more than a week late in giving my IHSW update. Bad news, I barely stitched so I didn't have anything to show. Good news, I stitched quite a bit AFTER that weekend and guess what? Romantique Sampler is now finished!
Wait, hold your horses and bear with me. Before I show you the completed project, I just gotta show you Part 16 first.
And then Part 21 ^.^
Okay, I'm done torturing you with the suspense as I could hardly contain my own excitement. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you Romantique Sampler!
Design: Romantique Sampler
Designer: Angie Designer
Fabric: 32 count White Belfast Linen
Fibers: Hand Dyed Fibers (Examplar Fleckstone & Velvet Midnight series) silk
I started this is February 2011 which means it was stitched over a period of nine months. Now that it's done, I'll definitely miss stitching on it for sure. Then again, that means I'm allowed to start a new WiP, right? :P
On to the second SAL. Here's my iStitch Mystery SAL to date.
That's a cute willow tree. Still having fun with this SAL :)
One last thing, I recently won Hannah's Holiday Giveaway. The package she sent me has arrived.
Now tell me that isn't the most adorable autumn pillow you've ever seen? It's highly hugable as well and I especially love the felt edging. She also included some WDW threads too. Thank you so much, Hannah, for the lovely gift.
Happy Stitching, everyone!

15 October 2011

October Update

This will be a short and sweet update as my October stitching schedule has not been turning out too well so far. Thus, I don't have much to show.
However, I managed to salvage some of it by finishing Part 2 of She Tends by Shepherd's Bush.
Design: She Tends
Designer: Shepherd's Bush
Fabric: R&R Reproductions Alabaster 30 count linen
Fibers: Crescent Colours, Weeks Dye Works & Sampler Threads
Embellishments: Shepherd's Bush Silver Standing Sheep Charm
As you can see, the red floss has bled into the fabric after I washed it. Am not too happy with that. This is why I won't ever buy non colorfast hand-dyed floss again once I finish stitching any ongoing projects that uses them. For the price they're selling for, I'd rather convert them to Vikki's silk to spare myself this frustration. Better value for money and yes, I'm turning into a silk snub ^.^
Anyway, complaints aside, have you seen Part 6 of iStitch Mystery SAL? I'm loving the pair of scissors! Wonder if I could buy an actual pair that looks like that. Anyone knows?
That's all for now. This weekend is IHSW again. What will you be stitching? I'll be working on Romantique Sampler.
Happy Stitching!

10 October 2011

Finally An Update

My September stitching schedule was completely unsuccessful. I didn't stitch on Love With A Capital L nor the Mirabilia and Passione Ricamo SALs. In fact, I only managed to finish Part 20 of Romantique Sampler last week. I had wanted to show the photos way before this but my computer went down not long after that.
Finally, after a long, arduous process of troubleshooting and reformatting which I would rather not go into, here's my long overdue post. So glad the computer problem is all behind me. Phew! Let's hope it stays that way for a very, very long time, if not forever ^.^
Here's Part 20 :)
Only one more instalment which will be sent today! I'm so excited to get this done.
Of course, there's also iStitch's Mystery SAL which I finished last weekend.
I recently got an Android phone thanks to a friend in Australia so I've been playing with it too much some. Hence not much stitching done this past week.
I'm currently working on the second block of Shepherd's Bush's She Tends. Now, wanna hear something funny? If you recall, I had a Birthday Giveaway last year which included some Crescent Colours floss? I had completely forgotten that I still need a couple of those for this design. Sigh! This is why Mikey calls me his goofball. Had to reorder them from 123 Stitch so I won't be finishing this anytime soon until my floss arrives. Double sigh!
Dear Anonymous who left a comment on my last post, please do not be embarassed to leave your name and link to your blog. We're all stitchers and there's no such thing as amateurs in my book which I'm sure many other stitchers will agree. I personally would love to have another blog to admire or as Joyce like to say, stallk :P As to answer your question, I usually buy my supplies online, be it linen, floss or charts. You can find the various links to the ONS I frequent, especially for hand-dyed fabrics at the sidebar of my blog. Please do email me if you have anymore questions. I'll be happy to answer them.
Happy Stitching!