01 September 2011

Stitch A-Longs

I love Stitch A-Longs, aka SALs. I love the community feeling one gets of stitching together with a group of stitchers online yet at the same time, it's all on my own time, at my own pace. No pressure. I find that very motivating.
For the month of August, I've participated in three SALs. First is the Mirabilia & Nora SAL over at Love 4 Stitching from 16th to 20th every month. Some of you might remember that I started Garden Verses back in September 2010. With this SAL, I finally finished her yellow dress.
Next, I signed up for iStitch's Mystery SAL organized by Carol R. Here's the first part. As you can see, I'm stitching it with Vikki's Examplar Black Iris. It's a lovely, subtly variegated black/maroon in real life which unfortunately the photo doesn't really show. The fabric I'm using is Vikki's 32 count linen in Jackalope.
I'm actually late in this SAL as I went to Phuket, Thailand for a three day vacation last week and couldn't complete it in time. Hopefully I'll receive the next part from Carol soon after I send her the picture.
Last but not least is Romantique Sampler again.
Part 15 was finished ages ago. I'm late as usual with the update.
I just put in the last stitch for Part 17 earlier today. At least for once I'm prompt :)
It's really coming along beautifully if I do say so myself.
Hard to believe this SAL is nearing an end. Two more installments. I doubt I'd have gotten this far with this design had it not been an SAL. What about you? What are your thoughts on SALs?


Anonymous said...

Wow They look amazing. The stitches look just awesome. But I bet she isn't going to be as beautiful to me as you always be =D.

Anna van Schurman said...

Romantique is beautiful. There. Now I've said it too. :)

Lee said...

My opinion on SAL's changes depending on whether I keep up or not! Romantique is stunning. An amazing and feminine piece.

Joysze said...

Pretty, pretty all of them, Veronica. :)

Christine said...

Wow, everything looks amazing!! I really like your Garden Verses and the Romantique Sampler.

Measi said...

I love SAL's, provided that they're flexible ones that take different stitching speeds into consideration. I'm running a year-long one next year via my blog called the WIPocalypse - come join us!

Andrea said...

Love your pieces! :D I like sals too, as long as there is no pressure :D

DJ said...

Oh Veronica! Your stitching is amazing!!! I love the color choices for the Sampler Romantique and the I-stitch piece...I'll keep checking back on your progress. I agree,it's great to follow other people stitching the same thing you are! *Hugs*

Pumpkin said...

I am in awe of all your SALs! Such incredible stitching you do :o)