02 July 2011

I've Been Featured!

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by Scott of Be @ Home, a home decor blog. He asked if he could feature my blog in his weekly Best of the Web series. I agreed immediately. How could I not jump at this opportunity? I've never had a request like this before.
Today, I received another email from Scott. The article has been posted!
I'd love it if you would go over and take a look. Gotta scroll down a little though. I'm sure my regular readers would be able to recognize my journal cover ^.^
To my friends, readers and fellow bloggers, you all have been phenomenal with your encouragements, inspiring me to keep creating. Thank you so much!


Astrid said...

Veronica, CONGRATS!!! How great is that?! Well deserved! Gorgeous journal cover.

Hazel said...

Oooh that's brilliant. Well done. x

GoldenAngelsWorks said...


Joysze said...

Congrats!! That's super awesome. :D

Mouse said...

woo hoo well done :) went over and had a peek too :) love mouse xxx

DJ said...

Congratulations, Veronica! You deserve to be featured! I dropped by to see what they wrote, what a flattering piece, you must be so pleased! *Hugs*