21 March 2011

2011 NNC Anniversary Meet

Caution: Picture heavy post.
It has been a long, long while since I last posted. Didn't have much time as I was busy preparing my 2011 NNC Anniversary Gift Exchange. Seventeen of NNC members met up on 19 March 2011 in Rose's beautiful house. I arrived around eleven thanks to Margaret and Jackie who picked me up from my house. Nik was already there preparing the door gifts. By the time we finished doing so, most of the members have already arrived.
First there was the food. There can be no crafters gathering without food :P
Mel's Macadamia Mango Cheese Cake was heavenly!
And her Double Chocolate Fudge Pecan Cupcakes were equally sinful!
After we stuffed ourselves til we could barely move (at least I did), it was time for the hardanger demo which Nik has generously offered to give.
I didn't sign up for it which was just as well for I was having too much fun at the veranda with Zarina, Jackie and a few others that Margaret, our headmistress had to head over to hush us as the hardanger group was having trouble concentrating due to our boisterous laughters.
After the hardanger class, it's presents time! First up was the lucky draw which I still had trouble believing that I was one of the lucky winners.
I won this beautiful blue bag made by Jo.
Isn't it gorgeous? Talented is our Jo :)
Next the door gifts were distributed.
Love the cupcake label with my name on it.
The contents were contributed by NNC members, some even sent all the way from USA (Thank you Diane and Carla).
Here's our gracious hostess, Rose, with her hostess gifts.
Finally, it's on to the event of the day - the 2011 Anniversary Gift Exchange. How could one not be excited when confronted with this sight every time one walks past the living room?
Certainly not me. Names were called out alphabetically. Participants were asked to pick a chocolate from a box of Ferrero Rocher. Names had been stuck on the bottom of the chocolates. Whomever gets their name picked gets to receive a gift from the person who picked their name.
My name was picked by Nik
and from her, I received a beautifully wrapped box
with numerous goodies inside!
But that's not all. The rule for this gift exchange is that every gift must be accompanied by a gingham heart decorated as the participants see fit.
Here's Nik's pretty gingham heart that went home with me.
Every member's gingham heart is automatically entered into a competition for this lovely prize contributed by Margaret. Quite the motivation, don't you think?
Here are all nineteen hearts on display for members to vote on.
Alright, this post have been long enough. So have I piqued your curiousity on which heart is mine and what I made for my anniversary gift? All shall be revealed in due time. Do check back soon ^.^
P.S. NNC Members, Shhhhhh... No letting the cat out of the bag!


Anonymous said...

Wow congrats lol and yes Double Chocolate Fudge Pecan Cupcakes looks very sinful and just amazingly good. The gifts all look good =). And I am glad that your hard work is noticed =). You put a lot of heart in it. I love you.

Joysze said...

Oh, the food! YUMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!