07 February 2011

I've Been Naughty

Yes, I have been. Remember back when I said I'd like to concentrate on some WiPs? All that is out the window now. I started not just one but two new projects! First one is a SAL you might have seen popping up on many blogs.
Romantique Sampler designed by Angie Designer. Here's my progress so far.
I'm using HDF Examplar FleckStone in place of DMC 3046 listed by the designer. I absolutely love the subtle color variations.
I finished Part 1 before the Chinese New Year holidays.
The lacey effect from the backstitches are awesome.
Part 2 is still in progress mainly because I misordered my silks. I had to reorder and am waiting for them to arrive.
Instead of the mauve recommended by the designer, I'm gonna stitch it in shades of HDF Velvet Midnight. Once again, if you have yet to stitch with HDF silk, I highly recommend it.
One other thing I'd like to bring to your attention, every single time I ordered from Vikki, she always includes extras in my order. This time was no different. She took into consideration that the silk I had ordered might have been too similar in shades from what I wanted so she included two extra micros of a darker shade in my order AT NO EXTRA COST! In case you didn't know, that's 300 yards of free single stranded silk! On top of that, she switched my order from minis to micros.
I had ordered four different shades of Velvet Midnight. Five minis of each color. Let's do the math...
5 minis = 261 yards (52.2 yards each)
2 micros = 300 yards (150 yards each)
That's about 40 yards extra silk for each color. If that's not great customer service, I don't know what is.
Moving on, I have wonderful news. My best friend, Adeline, is pregnant and I've been told that 90% it's a boy! It's her first child and this is something she's been waiting for a long time. Now what's a stitcher to do but start stitching a birth sampler for her son? ^.^
Many birth samplers I've seen out there are too girlish or babyish. I know, I know, it is after all meant for a baby but I wanted something that could last. Yet, I didn't want something too grown up. So I searched and searched and searched and had nearly given up when I came across this Stoney Creek design.
New Birth of Spring by Stoney Creek
Technically, it's not a birth sampler but I think it's perfect, especially since he will be born in the rabbit year. I plan to change the words to "A Beautiful Miracle". This is my progress so far:
The similar colors and color changes are driving me crazy but I will persevere. LOL! Let's hope I can finish it around June for the boy will be a June baby.
One last thing, have you seen Martina of Chatelaine's newest design?
I think I'm in trouble! I've never owned or stitched a Chatelaine before even though Alpine Garden is on my wish list mainly because even though I find them lovely, I can't see myself stitching four identical corners over and over again. I know some designs have different corners but they just don't capture me as much. Now this... This Chinese Garden Mandala completely blows me away. Maybe I'm bias since I'm Chinese but I think most would agree with me that it's gorgeous. Definitely gonna sign up for the Chinese Garden Mandala Yahoo Group soon.
Wish me luck that I'll be able to handle all the specialty stitches this design is sure to contain.
In the meantime, happy stitching and if you celebrate Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Chai!