28 January 2011

Chart Title Quiz... Again

I was bored and decided to look at my past blog posts just to see how far I've come in my stitching. I realized that I've changed quite a bit not only in design taste but also in the materials I use nowadays. I barely stitched on Aida now and have become more or less a linen snob. I still stitch with DMC but I prefer silk a lot more. I've learnt quite a lot about beading, metallic threads and specialty stitches. With that said, I think it's time for another Chart Title Quiz! I did this once back in February 2006. I figured it would be fun to do it again just to see how my answers differ from then. On top of that, there are more new designs now to chose from.
So here goes... Again...
Are you male or female?
Describe yourself.
How do some people feel about you?
How do you feel about yourself?
Describe your love interest.
Where would you rather be?
Describe what you want to be.
Describe how you live.
Describe how you love.
What would you rather be doing (besides stitching)?
What do you value most in life?
Which trait would you wish to possess more of?
Your favourite time of the day.
Midnight by Lavender Wings (OOP)
Share a few words of wisdom.
Live Laugh Love by La D Da
All the charts I've listed are either a WiP, in my stash or on my wish list. Seems like all my answers (hence taste) have changed except for one. Not too much into the cutesy stuff anymore. Perhaps I've matured? LOL! That's something to ponder about.
I've added a few more questions to the original quiz. I'd love for you to play along too. As before, the only condition is that you must genuinely love the design and not just choose it for the title. If you decide to post this quiz, please leave me a comment and I'll definitely drop by to see your answers. However, I refuse to take the blame for the amount of enabling this might cause :P Have fun!
P.S. Credit is once again given to Anna who created it back in November 2005


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... lol I love the Game my love lol. This is way out of my league =). But Awesome Idea I love it =). I hope the other do as well.

Kathy A. said...

That is just the greatest. Loved it!

Carolyn NC said...

Too cute!