25 October 2010

Beading & Stitching Along

First off, wow! A huge THANK YOU to everyone for the wonderful comments you’ve left on my Giveaway post. You’re awesome! I’ve had over 50 comments which is an all time high for me. If you’ve yet to participate on my “StarZanite Giveaway”, do drop by. I’ll be drawing the winners on 1 November so there’s still plenty of time to join in the fun.
Well, your interest has spurred me to make more fobs. This is what I came up with so far:
This time, I’ve decided to take the close up pictures on a white background as I think this shows off the colours much nicely. (Should have done that the first time round.)
Ice Storm
Mango Confetti
Mike and I have been having trouble agreeing on whether the colour on the beads are yellow or green. Which do you think it is?
Amber Voyage
Chili Pebbles
Yes, the “misspelling” of Chili Pebbles is intentional. It’s a word play on Chili Peppers because I think the brown beads look like pebbles.
Frosted Sapphire
Cathy asked if I have any prices in mind. I’m thinking US$15–US$18 per fob plus shipping. Opinions? Do you think that’s asking too much? I plan on setting up a Paypal WebShop on a separate page right here on my blog. Have yet to get around to that but if you see something you like, feel free to email me.
On the stitching front, progress on Garden Verses has been slow. (Gee, I wonder why?) Here’s a photo to give you an idea.
I don’t think I’ll be able to complete my goal in time for the competition unless I buck up and stop messing with my beads.
Thanx for staying with my ramblings this far. I truly appreciate it.


Cindy said...

Wow...your fobs are beautiful!
Love the Frosted cool :)
Mango Confetti is so pretty too...
Sometime hopping from one hobby to another could be good too, as you will have a "fresher mind" to complete them.

Virpi said...

Oh, these fobs are just awsome! If I would have a credit card I would buy one instantly. I think the beads in Mango confetti looks like yellow to me. Chili pebbles looks really sophisticated (I hope I spelled it right) and all fobs are really adorable.

Siobhán said...

Your fobs are beautiful!

Great job on your stitching--you've gotten a lot done on it!

Tracy J said...

Garden Verses is gorgeous, can't wait to see her face.

Carol said...

Hi Veronica--thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments! Your fobs are just gorgeous--I'll be they are fun to make...

And your stitching is lovely, too--beautiful colors!

Vladisa said...

I like Ice storm very much!

Meari said...

Stitching looks great. Those fobs are really vibrant!

Anonymous said...

NICE, They look wonderful, Ice storm and Frosted Sapphire look amazing but I really like Mango Confetti. Even the name sounds just lol well fun lol.

Blu said...

Gorgeous fobs!

Garden Verses looks great.

Pumpkin said...

Good luck with your fobs! You've got some lovely color variations there :o)

Joysze said...

The fobs are great, Veronica! I love the different textures and colors in each one.

Garden Verses is coming along beautifully, but I can see why it's slow going. Beading is so much quicker, huh? :D

Lucy said...

Love the fobs and the are very talented!

Patricia Lessell said...

Garden Verses is coming along beautifully. Love the fobs but think maybe the prices should be more like $12.00 - $16.00. Look on eBay and see what others are selling for.
Patti xxx

Unknown said...

A beautiful project, looking forward to seeing it finished. Fobs look great!

Stitch Wizard said...

Thank you for you kind words on my blog! Your stitching fobs are really beautiful!! I love them!!