27 February 2010

First 2010 Finish

My best friend, Adeline, has two cats - Gaby, a beautiful blue Burmese and Cookie, a gorgeous Siamese named after her favourite character in Sesame Street the Cookie Monster. These two completely owns her heart... besides her husband, of course.
Now since her birthday is coming up, I decided to stitch something special for her...
Design: Brotherly Love
Designer: Brittercup Designs
Fabric: 32 count Cream Italian Linen
Fibers: Hand Dyed Fibers silk
Not surprisingly, I changed the colour of the cats to better represent Gaby and Cookie. Then again, I stitched the whole piece in HDF silk so technically, I've changed every colour. As usual, I've made some changes to the chart as well and used the alternative wordings provided.
Here's my HDF floss list if you're interested:
Cream Cat - FleckStone
Grey Cat - Nisse-Ness
Grass - LE 3209/11/13
Brown on Pot - BeFuddled
Metal Rod (Guider?) & Black on Pot - BeGrimed
Hearts - LE 1303/07/11 & WinterBerried
Rhodes Heart & Ribbon - OMG Red 1139
Eyes, Nose, Whiskers & Words - Basic Black 5300
Now I gotta have it framed in time for her birthday which is in three weeks.
Other than that, I've been stitching on Capital L. I've also started a Mirabilia... my first in fact. Anyone can guess which one it is? Hehe... However, I don't have enough progress to warrant a pic yet so stay tuned.