31 December 2009

Goodbye, 2009

Happy New Year, everyone! This would be my last post for Year 2009. I hope everyone has enjoyed their holidays. It occurred to me earlier that I probably should make some New Year Stitching Resolutions. Now, I never have done so because that would mean putting restrictions on a hobby which would in turn make it not as enjoyable but with my WiPs and stash piling up, I figured I'll make one (yes, just one :P) New Year Stitching Resolution and that is to at least finish five (can you tell I'm not ambitious? LOL!) projects, be it WiPs or a new start :)
Anyway, as usual, I've been stitching some but not a lot. Made more progress on Love With A Capital L.
The top half minus the border is now completed. Onwards to the bottom half. With only two colours to switch between, this is such a relaxing stitch.


Anonymous said...

Indeed love is patient and kind. . . awesome =). lol. I really like you resolution. I can't wait to see more and I like the colo scheme =).


bianca said...

A happy new year to you.

Lillie said...

Looking good and great progress!
Hoped you had a great start into 2010.

Happy New Year