10 November 2009

No More Frills

Finally! No. More. White. Yesssssss!
Yup, as you probably can tell, I'm trilled here. Why? What's so exciting about white? This, ladies and gentlemen, is why ^.^
Her dress is done and the frills is done. True, Esperanza is still far from being finished but other than the flowers, the strip of gold near her hemline and her harp, all of which will be a world of hurt to stitch due to the constant colour changes the flowers require and the metallic thread the strip of gold and harp demands, she's nearly completed.
You can bet that the next design I stitch will not and I repeat WILL NOT consist of any white or at best minimal white. So sick of white. I didn't keep track of the exact number of skeins I used on this design but five to six skeins is a good guess.
Anyway, gonna get back to her. The sooner I start on the pain... er... I mean flowers, the sooner it will be done :)


Anonymous said...

First!!! Very beautiful!! I'm glad to see its progressing so well!! Just Awesome!


Chiloe said...

Congratulations on finishing the white: I feel your white on that matter ;-) ( I hate stitching white !!! )

sari.i. said...

Great job! :)

Tama said...

She looks so incredible!!!
and congrats on finishing all that *white* O_o

Linda K's Creativity Works said...

That is sure beautiful...I dearly love that one...I love your material that you are doing her on too.

Good Progress...

Renee said...

She is so beautiful!!!