18 June 2009

I've Lost My Mojo...

Can you help me find it please? I've tried everything, from looking at new releases to looking at your WiP pictures and lovely finishes to fondling my stash (which I had fun doing, by the way). Things that had helped in the past but to no avail now. I have the desire to stitch but not the drive. Does that make sense? I mean, I'll pick up something intending to work on it but few stitches in and I just cannot bring myself to continue on. I'm frustrating myself. Argh!
This is why, even after eons of absence, I have only one small happy dance to show. If you remember, from my last post, I was working on Little House Needleworks' Coffee Series. The first of the accompanying Tea Series is Spiced Tea.
I gotta tell you, it is not without struggle that I manage to finish it. For such a small design, it is quite a big accomplishment for me.
Design: Spiced Tea
Designer: Little House Needleworks
Fabric: Zweigart's Vintage Country Mocha (Marbled) 32 count Belfast linen
Fibers: Crescent Colours Belle Soie
Other than that, I've also managed to complete the middle section of my Little House Neighbourhood.
And that, ladies (and gentlemen), is all the stitching I have to show. Pathetic, I know :(
On to other stitching related (but not actual stitching) news :P look what's back from the framers.
I think my framer did a splendid job. He's my father's friend and all my needlework with the exception of Be My Valentine by Ellen Maurer-Stroh have been framed by him. I usually leave it to him to pick out the mats and frame which so far, he has yet to disappoint.
Check out a close-up picture of the gold-colored frame. I especially love the aged effect.
Oooh... the postman was just here and look what he left behind!
Cindy had a giveaway of charts on her blog couple of weeks ago to celebrate more than 10,000 hits. I was one of the lucky few who won something :) Thank you, Cindy, for your generosity. If you had not visited her blog before, head on over and you'll see why it had generated so many hits. I believe you won't be disappointed.
Till next time, take care and happy stitching.


Linda K's Creativity Works said...


When I lose my stitching motivation I usually take a small break and look at my patterns and books that I have and than that helps me get back to my stitching but that does not happen very often though.

I find that if I read part of the day and stitch part of the day than that helps me too.

Your Finishes are beautiful. I hope you start stitching again cause I love your stitching.

Take care

Felicity said...

Don't panic. The mojo always returns when it's ready to come home. Hugs

Elizabeth Braun said...

Do something else until you feel interested again. Don't fret about it, just go with the flow and, if it's to be, you'll find your 'umph' again. What *are* you intersted in at the moment?

Wanting to stitch isn't a spell or a charm though, so we don't need to talk about such horrid things as mojos!! A lot of people run out of steam I think, especially in these days when you almost feel pressured to stitch so as to have something to post on your blog! I think that can be quite harmful to one's enjoyment of the art.

Cindy F. said...

Veronica....I'm still a5 a stitching stand still myself! DH says we need breaks and Stitcher's Village says stiching shouldn't be rushed, but enjoyed. Stitch when you feel like WILL feel like it again.

So happy you got the Toile booklet! Hope you enjoy:) Sending you big (((HUGS)))

Cindy F. said...

a5 is supposed to be @ !! lol...

I forgot to tell you CONGRATS on your adorable finish and I LOVE your frame on your beautiful finish:)

CindyMae said...

I am sure that your mojo will return! I have lost mine before. Once for a long long time and then I have taken other short breaks. Just take a break from it and don't think to much about it and then you will slowly start missing it and then all of the sudden your mojo will return! LOL