06 October 2008

Winter Time

Living in a tropical country, it's so hot and humid here that even with the frequent heavy downpours (which don't help once they stop), one would gladly welcome any relief from the weather. Even when it comes in the form of stitching. Maybe that's why I've been so partial to winter theme designs lately, especially when it comes to round robins. Remember the Winter Cat square I stitched just recently for Renée? Well, here are two more:
Design: Winter Lady
Designer: Passione Ricamo
Fabric: 28 count Polstitches Hand Dyed Evenweave
Fibers: DMC
The recipient of this Passione Ricamo RR is a secret. Let's just say she's a wonderful lady that more than deserves this RR which 9 stitchers from all over the world will be stitching for her. Since I'm 99.9% sure that she doesn't read my blog, I don't mind revealing my square here. As I'm the first to stitch on it, there's really no point showing the whole piece with 8 other empty squares.
Then there's Dawn's Seasonal Snowmen RR.
Design: Winter Snowman
Designer: Stoney Creek
Fabric: 28 count White Evenweave
Fibers: DMC
The whole piece is adorable, isn't it?
Dawn's Seasonal Snowmen RR
Stitching this cheerful snowman does indeed help in fighting the supressing heat. Quick and easy design that I totally enjoy.
It has taken me a while after joining the Let's Stitch blog host by Becky SC to face what I've been ignoring all this time... my ever growing pile of stash and WiPs. Finally, I managed to summon up the courage to compile my WiPs and To-Do Lists. Like I mention in that post, if you happen to see a particular project in my lists that you're stitching or will be stitching, please let me know. I'd love to do an actual SAL with you.
To take it a step further, I've also joined in the Friday Stitch-A-Thon on 3rd October. I chose to stitch my neglected Queen of the Needle. I know, I know. I have older WiPs that are screaming for my attention but as QotN is already on my Q-Snaps, I predicted that would save me time and I could get more stitching done. Here's my progress during the 6 hour Stitch-A-Thon:
I managed to finish stitching Band 10 and I've got bunnies now in my kingdom. How cute are they? Finally, I'm done with the most challenging back stitch words I've ever encountered in my life!
As usual, I couldn't resist adding my own touches to a design. I love the effect of the silk chenille sheep so much that I ended up using it on the bunnies' tails too.
I think I'll stick with QotN for this week's challenge which is to *direct quote* 'stitch on any "sampler" type design you may have as a WIP'. Thus, you can count on more updates on it again soon.
*Edited to add* Chiloe, Dawn's RR is a Stoney creek design taken from Book 381. Hope that helps.


Chiloe said...

I do have a lot of stash too (but when I look at it on my gallery it doesn't seem to be that much: am I in denial? lol )

I love looking at your stitching !!! I'm so glad you came back to stitching and blogging ;-)

Chiloe said...

I forgot: who's the designer for Dawn'RR ? I love the colors !!!

Here is getting cold.

Tama said...

Your stitching looks wonderful - from the lady to the snowman to the sampler... I'm just in awe!

I looked at your list, too - When you decide to start your Angel of Grace, I'd love to do a SAL; I'm quite sure mine won't be done anytime soon. With holiday stitching and all, she probably won't get picked up again until some time next year.

Stitcher said...

I love that snowman RR, so cute. Great progress on your JN, this one could be my next JN project.

Sally said...

Both of the RRs look lovely but I especially Dawn's snowman one:)

Lovely progress on Queen of the Needle.

Anonymous said...

wow all your stitching is so great i really love the rabbits and the thread you use for the tails make them come alive.. well done lol

Jan said...

Your QotN is coming along great. Love what you did with the bunnies.

Ginte said...

I love the Seasonal Snowmen! Perhaps it's time to prepare for the Christmas already:)

Ranae said...

The snowman RR is adorable.
I just love Queen of the Needle, Love the colours.
Hope the weather cools down for you.

Loreta said...

Your stitching is so beautiful! Especially i love Queen of Needle, the colors are wonderful!

sugardoll said...

Your RR's are so beautiful. Your stitching is super neat!

I'd have to say my fave is winter lady by PR. She is so gorgeous! Love it!

Lucy said...

Beautiful've been busy!

Lillie said...

Looks like you've been busy indeed!

Marie said...

those snowmen are adorable ! so cute !

Stitchingranny said...

I have come to the conclusion that you stitch quicker if its hot LOL.

Well you amaze me how much you stitch and I always stitch more when I am on holiday and its hot so I now think its the heat that helps you to stitch.

As always Veronica you have done some stunning work that Winter Lady is just superb and I love your work on dawns snowmen.

Keep up the good work on QoTN - its all those flowers next and lots of colour changes - that was the bit that drove me mad. Having said that it does spur you on when you see how near to the end you are getting. Good luck with it.

Joei said...

Lovely stitching. Winter snowman is so cute and PR Winter Lady is so gorgeous. Hope you'll continue stitching JN QOTN, I especially like it.

About your the toile I've stitched, it's from DFEA Hors-Serie No. 26. It's a belated bday gift from my friend. I used to buy it at Needlelittlelove but it was closed already. Sorry I can't help much.

Sachiko said...

All your stitching are so gorgeous!
Mill hill beads are so nice of Sweet Treats!!!

Beatrice said...

You have many Beautiful pieces on your post. They are all stunning.
I love the SC Snowmen. What a good Idea for a RR.
Take care.

Carol R said...

Beautiful RRs. Dawns' snowmen theme is really sweet!

I hopped over to Vikki's site to check out the silk chenille but could see that she does it in white. Your sheep in Little House Neighbourhood look great and now the bunnies' tail look great too!

Carol R said...

Veronica - I tried to email you but the link wouldn't work - could you email me please
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your nice comment on my blog.
I´ve been going through yours and wow you have been stitching a lot of beautiful things. I loved looking at every picture. I will definately come back.
Best wishes from Iceland where there is now heat wave.

Anonymous said...

Sorry it should have said NO heat wave

Olenka's Stitches said...

Your snowmen are so bright and cute. I love your Just Nan piece, neat and pretty stitching!

stitcherw said...

My, what lovelies you gave us to look at. The PR lady is gorgeous, and the snowman is so cute. QoTN is looking beautiful as well, I'd like to do this one also sometime. Congrats on your earlier finish of sweet treats, it turned out awesome.

Jessie said...

Beautiful and fresh-looking blog-skin Veronica!
wow...All these RR are so beautifully stitched! I love yoru sesonal snowmen RR, they are so cute and christmassy!
PR Winter lady is beautiful and delicate!
Great progress for Queen of the Needle. Its coming along beautifully. Love the fabric u used for this project.

Carolyn said...

I'm new to the Stitching Bloggers, so I thought I'd take a look around. You have a great blog - love the Passione Ricamo lady - so pretty.
Lots of gorgeous stitching here on your blog!

katica said...

Hi Veronica!

Can you please email me your information @
Thanks so much!! You have a very lovely blog and many beautiful projects!

Lili said...

Oh my... We have some amazing stitching and amazing stash here!!!
Veronica, I wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog lately, it really made my day. And yet, I always got interrupted in my blog reading and time went by and NOW is the time at last...
I'll be back!

Dani - tkdchick said...

YOu've done some great RR's! That snowman is adorable!

Michele said...

I love all your stitching! What wonderful RR's they will be :)

The snowmen are drop dead cute!

and I love your new blog look :)

CT said...

Nice blog Veron!! I enjoy viewing ur work.

Metanoia said...

Your stitching is beautiful and this design is inspiring me to design my own sampler as a wedding gift, but with more than just cross stitch as I am impatient with counted work and get bored. Hopefully my eventual project will turn out as lovely as yours is. Beautiful blog! I bookmarked you