03 December 2008

The Pumpkin Patch Exchange

Hi everyone, it's been quite a while and I must apologize for my long absence. As I mentioned before, I went on vacation. I spent a wonderful week in Thailand with my partner and he stayed in Malaysia for another week before heading back to Japan. You can check out our vacation pictures here, here and here. Then right after he left, I was horribly sick with food poisoning for about a week. I could only thank the fact that it didn't happen while he was here. At least he had fun on his trip here rather than having to take care of me.
Not long afer, my dad was admitted into the hospital for heart bypass surgery. However, the doctors decided to do another check up on him before determining whether to go ahead with it. He was released today and scheduled to go back on Friday for it. As a result, it has been a stressful (and unproductive) time for me.
However, here's something that I stitched before I left for vacation which I haven't had the chance to show you yet...

Design: Pumpkin Patch
Designer: The Sweetheart Tree
Fabric: 32 count Cream Italian Linen
Fibers: DMC
Embelishments: Mill Hill Beads & Charm

and also this...

Design: Proud Lil' Pumpkins
Designer: The Sweetheart Tree
Fabric: 32 count Cream Italian Linen
Fibers: DMC
Embelishments: Mill Hill Beads & Charm

which I made into my very first needlebook. Here's the front...

and here's the back...

finished off with some cute pumpkins fabric on the inside and some pretty orange shell pinkeep pins from Vikki......

for Andrea's SBEBB Pumpkin Patch Exchange.

For the same exchange, I received a lovely package from Gaby.

She had made me a long pillow from Heart in Hand's Little Pumpkin in the Patch (how fitting). She also sent me a lot of stitching and Halloween goodies. Special note that the wooden pumpkin is handmade by her son. How cute is that? Here's her perfect stitching up close:

I had also won Katica's blogoversary prize that she was offering. Not only did she made me the cutest pillow I had ever seen! (Gotta love the bear's fringe)

Here's what it came with. Thank you, Kati, once again, for your generosity.

I am now way behind on the couple of Round Robin I'm in and also the mailart exchange which sent date has already passed. Am trying to catch up so I apologize in advance :( I won't be around much until after new year as my partner is coming to visit again in another two weeks so I'll be rather occupied. I can't believe I'll be able to see him again in such a short time. I'm so thrilled. I'll post again as soon as I can. I know it's a little early but since Christmas is just around the corner, to those of you who are celebrating it, Merry Christmas! To those who aren't, Happy Holidays! And to ALL of you, Happy Stitching!

29 October 2008

A Little Update

First, I'd like to start off this post with a huge THANK YOU! For the first time ever, I had 30 comments on one single post. Wow! I never knew there were so many of you out there reading my stitching ramblings. Thank you for making me feel special and appreciated. Also, to Jessie and Michele, I'm glad you like my new blog look. I didn't think anyone would notice :)
Special thanx too to Andrea. She had an Autumn Giveaway in September and she drew my name for one of the charts that's up for grabs. I'm now the happy owner of Country Cottage Needleworks' A Place We Call Home.

I almost never win anything so I was smiling from ear to ear when I found out. It made my day. The chart arrived last Friday and I've already ordered the overdyed floss it calls for.
Secondly, I have to apologize for it's been a long while since I last post - more than 3 weeks!
Yet, all I have to show for the time I went missing is this square for Paul's Dragon RR:

Design: Dragon of Water
Designer: Dragon Dreams Inc
Fabric: 14 count Off-White Aida
Fibers: DMC & Kreinik Metallics
If you know me, you would know that I'm usually not too keen on dragons but this one is too cute for words - the friendliest looking one among all four elemental dragons ^.^ Part of the reason I chose it is because it looks like a seahorse which is one of my favourite sea creatures besides dolphins. It also has the added advantage of being blue - my favourite colour.
It's not that I haven't been stitching. I have - some but I've been so restless with my stitching lately I can't seem to concentrate on one single project. Have you ever felt that way before? Here a stitch, there a stitch, the end result being that I have nothing much to show. It feels as if I've barely gotten anything done! What I actually have finished is for an exchange which I can't show until it has been received.
However, does that stop me from stashing? Never! The pictures below are proof enough...
Never in a million years did I think I'd find this magazine after so long and in Malaysia on top of that. Woohoo! Now I can stitch Nora Corbett's Trick or Treat Fairy too.

Silkweaver recently had a sale - 30% off their Classics line. I took full advantage of it...

Golden Harvest, Dark Tan, Heritage & Solo
The only fabric that I bought with a project already in mind for it is Golden Harvest. I'll be stitching my MM&IRR on it. The rest I bought just for the sake of... SALE! If that's not enough reason to buy fabric, I don't know what is :P I'm sure I'll find a suitable design for each one given the fact that they're all in neutral colours.
Since I've actually bought my fabric for the MM&IRR, you must all be wondering what I have in mind as I've never once mentioned anything more about it after joining up. No hint, no tips, no nothing regarding my construction plans. Well, that doesn't mean I haven't been thinking hard and working on it.
Finally, I've decided on a "Home Sweet Home" village. It'll have those words in the middle with quotes on home scattered all over it.
Just so you know what I'm talking about, let me show you a picture of my blueprint. Just don't faint when you see it for I've never claimed to be a gifted artist.

Ahem... have I stunned you into speechlessness? Don't say I didn't warn you. (I actually have another blueprint from my early days of playing with another idea but I'll spare you that) Anyway, now that you're recovering from the horror my "art" has inflicted on you, let me explain. I'll be using all charts from Elizabeth's Designs. I've left out "Home Sweet Home in the center but if you click on it, you can see the quotes I've inserted around each house.
To give you a better idea, here are the charts all laid out:

What do you think? Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? All are welcome!
P.S. I won't be online much from 1st November to 13th November. I'll be on vacation with my SO (Significant Other) which I haven't seen for more than a year. I'm so excited!

06 October 2008

Winter Time

Living in a tropical country, it's so hot and humid here that even with the frequent heavy downpours (which don't help once they stop), one would gladly welcome any relief from the weather. Even when it comes in the form of stitching. Maybe that's why I've been so partial to winter theme designs lately, especially when it comes to round robins. Remember the Winter Cat square I stitched just recently for Renée? Well, here are two more:
Design: Winter Lady
Designer: Passione Ricamo
Fabric: 28 count Polstitches Hand Dyed Evenweave
Fibers: DMC
The recipient of this Passione Ricamo RR is a secret. Let's just say she's a wonderful lady that more than deserves this RR which 9 stitchers from all over the world will be stitching for her. Since I'm 99.9% sure that she doesn't read my blog, I don't mind revealing my square here. As I'm the first to stitch on it, there's really no point showing the whole piece with 8 other empty squares.
Then there's Dawn's Seasonal Snowmen RR.
Design: Winter Snowman
Designer: Stoney Creek
Fabric: 28 count White Evenweave
Fibers: DMC
The whole piece is adorable, isn't it?
Dawn's Seasonal Snowmen RR
Stitching this cheerful snowman does indeed help in fighting the supressing heat. Quick and easy design that I totally enjoy.
It has taken me a while after joining the Let's Stitch blog host by Becky SC to face what I've been ignoring all this time... my ever growing pile of stash and WiPs. Finally, I managed to summon up the courage to compile my WiPs and To-Do Lists. Like I mention in that post, if you happen to see a particular project in my lists that you're stitching or will be stitching, please let me know. I'd love to do an actual SAL with you.
To take it a step further, I've also joined in the Friday Stitch-A-Thon on 3rd October. I chose to stitch my neglected Queen of the Needle. I know, I know. I have older WiPs that are screaming for my attention but as QotN is already on my Q-Snaps, I predicted that would save me time and I could get more stitching done. Here's my progress during the 6 hour Stitch-A-Thon:
I managed to finish stitching Band 10 and I've got bunnies now in my kingdom. How cute are they? Finally, I'm done with the most challenging back stitch words I've ever encountered in my life!
As usual, I couldn't resist adding my own touches to a design. I love the effect of the silk chenille sheep so much that I ended up using it on the bunnies' tails too.
I think I'll stick with QotN for this week's challenge which is to *direct quote* 'stitch on any "sampler" type design you may have as a WIP'. Thus, you can count on more updates on it again soon.
*Edited to add* Chiloe, Dawn's RR is a Stoney creek design taken from Book 381. Hope that helps.

24 September 2008


... is done.

And you know what that means? Yup, ladies and gentlemen, dust off your glitter balls because we need you out on the dance floor doing the shimmy, shimmy happy dance with me ^.^ Here's Sweet Treats with all its buttons and beads attached.

Design: Sweet Treats
Designer: Country Cottage Needleworks
Fabric: 28 count Lakeside Linens Vintage Lenti Cashel Linen
Fibers: Crescent Colours
Beads: Mill Hill Beads
Buttons: JABC Buttons
Other than that, not much stitchy news today so this will be a short post. However, I did make some progress on Little House Neighbourhood.

Only managed to finish the middle tree. I'm now working on the blue house on the left. It's stitched with Vikki silk. Other than that, do you notice anything different? Look closer...

I had opted to stitch the sheep with silk chenille also by Vikki Clayton. It sure gives their woolly coats a more realistic look, doesn't it? I think they're too adorable!
I've also joined the newly created Let's Stitch blog by Becky SC. It's basically a SAL blog with no actual theme. We stitch what we like, UFOs, WiPs, New Starts, it's up to you. It exists purely for us stitchers to encourage and support each other so that hopefully, we'll get more stitching done. Judging from the success of my Sweet Treats SAL with Jessie and Carol (it's been a pleasure, ladies!), this will definitely be a huge help to me. I have quite a number of WiPs I have in mind for this SAL and also a couple of new projects I'm looking forward to starting. (Yes, yes, I know I must be out of my mind) Maybe a few of us could even agree to stitch a design which will make it an actual SAL. We'll see. Check it out and email Becky if you're interested.
I'm overwhelmed by the number of comments I received for my last post. Once again, for those of you who have taken the time to stop by for a visit, thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!
Appologies to Sherry who asked me a question regarding my Seasonal Cats and Four Seasons Chairs RR. I hope you don't mind me answering your question one post later. (I seem fond of doing that all the time :S) All the cats in Seasonal Cats are designed by the same desginer - Donna Vermillion and published by Sudberry House. I'm not sure where exactly you can find the chart. You can try contacting Renée or perhaps someone here can help out? The same goes for Four Seasons Chairs which in this case is designed by Janlynn Corporation. This one is relatively easy to find. In fact, you can buy it here. Hope that helps. Do feel free to ask more questions if you need more information.
Last but never least, here's my S.E.X. (Stash Enhancement eXperiment for those who don't know :P) for this week.

Spot Sampler Victoria by Martina, yummy linens by Sassy's Fabbys in Spun Sugar and Desert Sandstorm, Vikki Clayton Silks (of course!) and charms from A Charming Place. Remember the $10 gift certificate I was given just for mentioning their website on my blog? Well, these are the charms bought with that along with a free shipping promotion on the day these were ordered... what more could a girl ask for?

13 September 2008

Professional Procrastinator Posting Pie!

A pie that has been baked a week ago and which should have been displayed on Monday.

Still, better late than never, right? Lastly would be cake so stay tuned for a major happy dance soon.
I've also finished (finally!) Gingerbread Cottage. In my last post of it, I showed a lot of missing spots in my project and mentioned that I was playing around with some ideas. Here is the end product.

Design: Gingerbread Cottage
Designer: Country Cottage Needleworks
Fabric: 28 count Silkweaver's Sapphire Sky Cashel Linen
Fibers: DMC & Crescent Colours
Beads: Mill Hill Beads
Buttons: JABC Buttons
As you can see, I substituted parts of the design with buttons from JABC. I gotta give the credit to Jessie who suggested that I take a look at her finished Gingerbread Cottage. Isn't hers lovely? I sorta took her idea one step further and added more embelishments. Hope you don't mind, Jessie.
My LHN Mailart to Joanne has also been sent and arrived on Wednesday so I can show you what I stitched for her.

The design on the front of the mailart is taken from Ladybugs which is published in Leisure Arts' Joy In The Journey leaflet. For $3.99, it can be downloaded here.

As for the back, do you recognize which design it came from? I'm sure most of you can guess. If not, it's a portion of Necessities Sampler. The background fabric is what I used to line the inside of the mailart with as seen here:

Now for something a little different than cross stitch. Enclosed in the mailart is also a Butterfly Card handmade by me.

The design is a freebie from Stitching Cards It's pretty simple to make but the results rather stunning, in my opinion. The butterfly is stitched with DMC E130 metallic thread to achieve the effect I wanted - shiny and colourful. To echo the butterfly theme, the inside of the card has a pop up butterfly.

I gotta admit that my handwriting isn't the best here. The word "Hi!", written in gold, looked a little messy to me. Anyway, here's a closer view:

With the card, I had also put together a kit for Spot of Coffee.

I hope Joanne likes this exchange as much as I have enjoyed making it.
The fabric for Little House Neighbourhood has finally arrived too! Woohoo! Now I can actually start on the SAL Here's the floss toss for it... Vikki Clayton silks on Picture This Plus Legacy.

While we are on the subject of Neighbourhoods, don't forget to check out the MM&IRR and MM&IRR2. I've been thinking and thinking about my Neighbourhood but can't make up my mind on anything concrete yet. Luckily actual building doesn't start until 31st December so I still got plenty of time. Gonna go think some more...
Last but not least, here's a picture on my latest acquisition. I went crazy buying fabrics on Ebay. I think I might have developed another severe addiction. Help?

02 September 2008

Ice Cream!

Once again, I'll start off this entry with another block of Sweet Threats. Yummy, yummy 'Ice Cream'.

Two more blocks to go! Being in a SAL really helps motivate me into stitching one block per week. Jessie, how are you getting on with yours? Carol, have you gotten yours frame yet? How are you feeling? How is your knee?
This past Sunday, 31st August, was Malaysia's 51st National Day. (Happy Independance Day to all Malaysians!) Thus, Monday was a substitute public holiday. One more day to stitch. Yay! So I started something else...

Design: Spot of Spring
Designer: The Drawn Thread
Fabric: 32 count Cream Italian Linen
Fibers: DMC
I know, I know, I shoulda work on my many and ever growing WiPs but at least I finished it ^.^ I consider it a happy dance of sorts even though I still have Summer, Autumn and Winter to go.
Speaking of WiPs, I've joined the Me, Myself and I Round Robins. What am I getting myself into?!
Anyway, I'm sure most of you would have heard about it by now. If not, it is basically a Neighbourhood RR with a twist. Rather than being passed around among a group of stitchers like a round robin usually is, it will instead all be designed and stitched by you yourself. Consider it an SAL of sorts. As of Vonna's last count, there are now (Dang!) 72 of us. Construction of your neighbourhood won't actually begin until 31 December 2008. So... (taken directly from the blog) there is still plenty of time to get your permits, blueprints and waivers needed to begin construction on your neighborhood. Come join us if you're interested but be quick for there are limited spots left.
I am constantly amazed by the generosity of the stitching community. Remember Dixie? who sold me Just Nan's Patience whom I now call my friend? She saw that I had High Hopes by Just Nan on my wish list. She had just finished stitching it and instead of listing it on Ebay like she had intended, she took it upon herself to become my wish fairy and sent the chart to me...

...along with a pretty hardanger chart/card. I've never tried hardanger before but this is the perfect pattern to practice with. I have no idea how to express my gratitue, Dixie, except to say a heartfelt Thank You!
I also received a USD10 Gift Certificate from A Charming Place all because I mentioned them on my blog. Wow! I'm speechless. Thank you, Hayley. Just for the record, I'm not affiliated. Just a satisfied customer.
More things to be thankful for...(You've probably already deduced that this is gonna be a very long post, no?) Look what arrived in the mail today:

It's a LHN mail art from Joanne (no blog) in Malaysia too. She's my partner for the Mail Art Friends LHN Mail Art Exchange. Isn't her stitching pretty? Here's the back:

And here's a picture of the fabric she used to lined the inside and some stash she sent me:

Feeling envious, anyone? I know I would be if I saw this on anyone elses' blog. I'm ashamed to admit that I'm late sending my LHN mail art to her. A first for me. I got it all ready but... I can't very well send it empty, can I? The postman still doesn't want to bring her present to me so I can pass it along to her >.<>Little House Needleworks Silk Threadpacks?

I think I'm in love!
Lillie honoured me with another blog award.

This time I won't nominate anyone. There are too many blogs out there that I love. If I have left a comment on your blog before, you know that I love it. If I haven't, it's probably because I've yet to discover your blog or didn't have time to do so (which I'm profoundly sorry). Just leave a comment and I'll be sure to drop by.
To Jean who asked me to recommend some nice evenweave fabric two posts ago, (sorry I neglected to answer you last post) I've only used Zweigart's Lugana and Wichelt's Jobelan so I doubt I'm the right party to ask about evenweaves. I mostly use Linen nowadays. However, I find jobelan a pleasure to stitch on as the floss goes smoothly through and thus doesn't fray much. Hope that limited information helps?
And to everyone that complimented me on my stitching, Thank You! *Blush*
Stash-wise, I don't have much to show this week except for the fact that...

I seemed to have gone a little completely overboard with charm packs purchases from Deb. I guess now is the time to try out all the pretty finishings ideas, eh?

25 August 2008


I've been slacking on my blogging. I know I said I'll update once a week especially with this SAL that Carol, Jessie and I got going. I finished stitching 'Tart' last week but didn't have a chance to post until now.
I'm now officially halfway through Sweet Threats. Ice Cream is next. My absolute favourite among all of 'em. I've yet to start it though. By the way, Carol has already finished her Sweet Threats. If you haven't already seen it, check it out here. Isn't her stitching beautiful? Guess I lost our mock SAL competition >.< Fair and Square #8 package from Michele.
I love them, Michele. The colours are so sweet. Thank you so much! Here's a close up of the square:
The design is 'I Love Cross Stitch' (how appropriate ^.^) from the July 2008 issue of The Gift of Stitching magazine by Maryse Dupont of Les grilles de Maryse. The website is in French so click here for the translated version from Google if you're as clueless as me.
Michele also sent me a card and a a pretty Seattle tin containing peppermints.
I received another blog award - Arte y Pico - this time from Noreen. Thank you, Noreen.
The first time I saw this, it was on Nina's blog which according to her, means 'The Best Art'.
As usual, the rules for every award:
  1. Choose 5 blogs deserving to receive the award (conception, creativity, interesting equipment and contributing to the community of bloggers whatever the language).
  2. Every award must contain the link towards the blog of his author so that it can be visited.
  3. Every winner must show the award-logo and put back the name and the link towards the blog that attributed it for her.
  4. The winner must show the blog link the Arte y Pico.
  5. To Post the rules.
I've nominated a number of blogs before for the last two awards that I've received but I'm gonna go ahead and nominate another 5 more as per requested anyway because in my opinion, there are way too many stitchers out there with wonderful blogs who deserves some recognition.
Thus, once again in alphabetical order:
Before you leave me to visit these talented stitchers' blogs, here's my latest update of Just Nan's Queen of the Needle.
Finally got through the dreaded band. Did I mention I don't like confetti stitches? >.<