18 July 2006

My First RR!

Yes! Ladies and Gentlemen, after four months since it left home, here I present to you the first RR of mine to return home - my 4 Seasons Postcards Round Robin. This one made its rounds in hot, sunny Malaysia and didn't venture overseas which is probably why it came back first. I'm sure that by now, you'll be familiar with the designer - Laura G. Lattuada of Passione Ricamo. Many thanks to Aida who stitched spring, Margaret who stitched Summer and Rozita who stitched Autumn. Winter, is of course stitched by me. I just noticed that coincidentally, the names are in alphabetical order from spring to winter. Pretty cool eh? It is stitched on 28 count cream lugana.
Next, as promised earlier, here's a picture of Roz's 4 Seasons Postcards RR. Hers is stitched on cashel linen... I'm guessing the colour is khaki and I appologize in advance if I'm wrong. So what do you think? One theme, two types of fabrics, two varied arrangements. The results are pretty different, don't ya think? Which one's prettier? Just kidding! You don't need to answer that. LOL!
And finally, I can now show off the square I stitched for Aida whose's RR theme is "Home Sweet Home" She had requested that we keep what we stitched a secret for she wanted to be surprised. As she has received her RR today too, here's what I stitched: my first Lizzie Kate - Home is Where We Share... This is what happens when I'm given free reign of my colour choices. I can tell you I didn't follow ANY of the recommended DMC colours nor the overdyed threads. Instead, I opted to use vareigated threads. I too changed the colour of the windows which were supposed to be a darkish colour to yellow for I think the house looks more welcoming and cheerful this way as opposed to the forbidden look the house has with dark windows. The charm that's supposed to be above the door has also been replaced by a stitched heart.
Aida, Margaret and Roz, it's been an honour being able to participate in this RR with you all. I look forward to joining another RR with all of you again in the near future.


Lili said...

They both look different! Yet, I couldn't pick any favourite!
Your house is very cute and welcoming! I love it!

Rozita said...

Mine is not on linen. It's evenweaves, lugana I think. But I am not sure of the color.

Thank you for participating in the RR with us!

Anonymous said...

they are both beautiful! you won't believe, but last winter I did a RR with the same pattern by Mrs Lattuada and also a RR with Angels, like you! Two different places (I'm Italian) on Earth and two similar RRs.

Kucki said...

The seaonal postcards are lovely in both versions, but I think I like yours better, especially since the year starts with Spring.

Now I just need to find time to make my own version. These were already on my to do list, but now I REALLY want to stitch them.