17 July 2006

Another Wedding Sampler

For another pair of newly wed. This year seems like a year of wedding for my friends! Anyway, this is for Sean and Chee Hooi. The pattern is once again a freebie from EMS which I modified into a wedding sampler. The words that read "Two Hearts, One Love" are taken from the book "Cross Stitch Sentiments and Sayings" by Joan Elliott and the border was designed by me. There're actually opalescent beads stitched around the border too but from the looks of it, they're pretty much invisible. Only in real life can you see the subtle sparkle in the piece. I also substituted the cotton floss outline of the wedding rings to metallic thread but again, there's hardly any difference in the picture.
And here's the framed piece which I just handed over to the couple earlier tonight. Yup, in fact, I just returned home from the wedding not too long ago. This time I didn't take any wedding pictures with my camera but as an aspiring tailor, I had made an evening gown to be worn to this special occasion so if you're curious enough, here's a pic I took of me before I left. What do you think of my gown? Just bear with me... shameless self-advertising here. LOL!

1 comment:

Lili said...

The angel RR looks great, and I especially like yours (I love green!); the wedding sampler was a thoughtful beautiful gift as well!
I think I'm finished now! I had missed many of your updates!!!
Take care, Veronica!