28 July 2006

6 Geese-A-Laying

Phew! This is the first I've ever encountered so many French knots in a single pattern. Luckily for me, I had mastered them earlier this year or I would have found them a real pain and goodness knows how long it would've taken me to finish stitching this. Anyway, this is for Kirsty's RR. Now we're officially halfway through the "Margaret Sherry's 12 Days of Christmas RR". So, can anyone tell me, are goose eggs really that pretty and colourful?

26 July 2006

Stitching Blogger's Question: Embroidery Scissors

SBQ LogoMany of us have a few pairs of embroidery scissors and some even have a “collection”. How many pairs of scissors do you have? Feel free to share a photo of your favorite pair or pairs with us!
I only have one pair of scissors. Here's a pic of it. It's made by Consorzio Premax of Italy. I've been assured that it's good quality scissors and I love the shape and feel of it but barely a couple of months since I bought it, its handles started rusting. I think you can sort of see it in the pic. Embroidery scissors aren't supposed to do this, right? Very disappointed. I've complaint to the shop where I bought it from but since the company isn't responding to any of their emails, I don't think there's much I can do about it. Well, I'm thinking of getting myself a pair of Stork scissors soon. Hopefully this time I'll get my money's worth.

24 July 2006

A Wee Autumn

Well, here's my square for Char's "Wee Seasons" round robin. Designed by Heart in Hand Needleart, Wee Autumn is another pattern that I'd not have the chance to stitch had it not been for me joining this RR. As you can probably tell by now, it's not my usual style which might probably be why I enjoy stitching it all the more. So why did I choose autumn out of all the other seasons? That's because the scarecrow really appeals to me... I think he's adorable even though he's the one that gave me the hardest time for this piece. For reasons that eluded me, I kept stitching him up all wrong and having to frog him more than a couple of times. Glad I finally got him all sorted out. Now in he goes into the bag to wait for the mailing date. *Grin*

23 July 2006

Stitching Blogger's Question: Framing With Glass?

SBQ LogoWhen you get a project professionally framed do you get glass inserted into the frame? Why or why not?
Yes, definitely! All my cross stitch pieces are professionally framed and glass is necessary in hot and humid Malaysia. Also, I have this hope that all my work will become heirloom pieces someday and that my grandchildren will want to keep them (though I'm not even married yet much less have any children but one can dream, right?) So the way I see it, the glass would not only protect the cross stitch piece from dust but whatever environment the piece end up in, be it smoking room or some place that kids with sticky fingers might easily reach, it'll always be protected.

18 July 2006

Rose, Rose, I Love You

I might have said this before but this wins hands down as the quickest stitching I've ever done to date. These red roses are stitched as a favour for Roz. Her "Roses" RR came back with two empty squares. Aida has filled in the bottom middle square and posted it to me together with my 4 Seasons Postcards RR. I wanted to get it done as soon as possible so I could send both Roz's RRs back to her at one go. Thus, I did a rush on it earlier and made short work of it.
Now this beautiful RR is completed and ready to return to its mistress. I just love roses, don't you? Sigh! Guess I'm a romantic at heart. Roz, 17 lovely roses (yup, I counted them, rosebuds and all) coming your way tomorrow. Hehehe...

My First RR!

Yes! Ladies and Gentlemen, after four months since it left home, here I present to you the first RR of mine to return home - my 4 Seasons Postcards Round Robin. This one made its rounds in hot, sunny Malaysia and didn't venture overseas which is probably why it came back first. I'm sure that by now, you'll be familiar with the designer - Laura G. Lattuada of Passione Ricamo. Many thanks to Aida who stitched spring, Margaret who stitched Summer and Rozita who stitched Autumn. Winter, is of course stitched by me. I just noticed that coincidentally, the names are in alphabetical order from spring to winter. Pretty cool eh? It is stitched on 28 count cream lugana.
Next, as promised earlier, here's a picture of Roz's 4 Seasons Postcards RR. Hers is stitched on cashel linen... I'm guessing the colour is khaki and I appologize in advance if I'm wrong. So what do you think? One theme, two types of fabrics, two varied arrangements. The results are pretty different, don't ya think? Which one's prettier? Just kidding! You don't need to answer that. LOL!
And finally, I can now show off the square I stitched for Aida whose's RR theme is "Home Sweet Home" She had requested that we keep what we stitched a secret for she wanted to be surprised. As she has received her RR today too, here's what I stitched: my first Lizzie Kate - Home is Where We Share... This is what happens when I'm given free reign of my colour choices. I can tell you I didn't follow ANY of the recommended DMC colours nor the overdyed threads. Instead, I opted to use vareigated threads. I too changed the colour of the windows which were supposed to be a darkish colour to yellow for I think the house looks more welcoming and cheerful this way as opposed to the forbidden look the house has with dark windows. The charm that's supposed to be above the door has also been replaced by a stitched heart.
Aida, Margaret and Roz, it's been an honour being able to participate in this RR with you all. I look forward to joining another RR with all of you again in the near future.

17 July 2006

Another Wedding Sampler

For another pair of newly wed. This year seems like a year of wedding for my friends! Anyway, this is for Sean and Chee Hooi. The pattern is once again a freebie from EMS which I modified into a wedding sampler. The words that read "Two Hearts, One Love" are taken from the book "Cross Stitch Sentiments and Sayings" by Joan Elliott and the border was designed by me. There're actually opalescent beads stitched around the border too but from the looks of it, they're pretty much invisible. Only in real life can you see the subtle sparkle in the piece. I also substituted the cotton floss outline of the wedding rings to metallic thread but again, there's hardly any difference in the picture.
And here's the framed piece which I just handed over to the couple earlier tonight. Yup, in fact, I just returned home from the wedding not too long ago. This time I didn't take any wedding pictures with my camera but as an aspiring tailor, I had made an evening gown to be worn to this special occasion so if you're curious enough, here's a pic I took of me before I left. What do you think of my gown? Just bear with me... shameless self-advertising here. LOL!

13 July 2006

An Angel for Charity

It's been ages since I've had a stitching update. Apparently, I hit a stitching slump a couple of weeks back but the fact that I'm drowning in RRs at the moment have finally managed to push my panic button so now once again stitching earnestly. And the first finish I have to show is this angel from Dimensions that I stitched for Charity's "Angels" RR.
I love stitching her for there're no fractional stitches at all but don't let her innocent appearance fool you. As is typical of Dimensions, there're tons of tweeding in this little design but the subtle shading is what makes her so pretty thus I've no complaints. I've substituted the french knots in her hair and in the flower basket for beads because I think beads gives the overall design a prettier shine and of course, more dimensions. *Cheeky grin* (You know how I can't resist the pun) Here's a pic of the whole RR. Charity, I hope you like what Lene, Wendy, Sherryn and me have stitched for you.
It'll return home to the US of A once I can get to the post office despite still having an empty square due to lack of a participant. Now my part for this 5 person RR is completed and all I need to do now is to wait patiently (or rather impatiently) for my Roses Bouquet RR to return home.

Stitching Blogger's Question: Stitching Habits

SBQ LogoSince you started blogging, have you noticed any difference in your stitching habits? Tell us about them.
I've definitely come a long way stitching wise even though I've been blogging for less than a year. If you've read my blog from the start, you'll remember the first time I tried evenweave, the first time I use beads, the first time I joined an exchange etc. and I predict there will be many more firsts to come. Also, I've discovered many other beautiful designs through stitching blogs which has expand my taste in different designers, patterns, hand-dyed fabric and floss... which of course leads to the conclusion that cross stitching IS an expensive hobby! And to think that my initial idea that all you need for cross stitching is just a chart, DMC floss, a needle and some aida fabric. Yup, I'd say there's a significant change in my stitching habits since I started blogging.

12 July 2006

Stitching Blogger's Question: Oops!

SBQ LogoWhat is the biggest mishap you have had with your stitching material (i.e. spillages)?
My biggest mishaps happened when I first started cross stitching. It was one of my first pieces and at that time, I've yet to learnt never to leave needles still threaded with floss (white ones as well) on the fabric for a long time. I did that, hit a stitching slump and left it that way for months. Unsurprisingly, when I picked it up again, the needle has rusted through both floss and fabric leaving an unsightly yellow patch. Being the "genius" I was with no idea that needlework was supposed to be threated gently during washing, I dabbed a fair amount of strong detergent on the area, hoping that it would get the stain out. It worked some but also resulted in discolouring the fabric and some colour floss around the area. I supposed the piece is still salvageable but that's yet to be determined for til this day, it remains a UFO...

SBQ:After the Stitching is Done

SBQ LogoWhat do you do with your charts once you’ve stitched them? Do you keep them or dispose of them? If you keep them, do you organize them in a way that is different from the way you keep your unstitched charts?
I usually stitch using working copies so my charts remain brand new in the folder which I've kept it and since I have a personal policy of never stitching the same pattern twice, if someone expressed an interest in it, I might offer it up for trade. It really depends on how attached I am to the pattern. However, if the pattern is from a magazine or a colour chart, I work with the original and once I'm finished, it goes back into the folder/magazine pile which I took it from, with the option of putting it up for trade too.