13 June 2006

Representing Me?

Yup, you've read correctly. This pattern is representing me in Teresa's round robin. Originally, dragons/unicorns were her theme but she changed her mind and gave us the freedom to stitch any pattern as long as it reflects our personality and likes. Then how exactly did I end up stitching this?
Well, flowers were the first to enter my mind so I thought I'd stick with that. I love flowers and I think they're one of life's greatest pleasure. Next, I wanted a design that the lovely lavender of the fabric would not only complement but enhance as well. I decided that a design with plenty of bright, sunny yellow would achieve that effect nicely. Roses, which are my favourite flowers briefly crossed my mind as the flowers to stitch but romantic wasn't exactly what I was aiming for. I finally settled on Mimosa by Passione Ricamo for I think it looks sweet and cheerful and if you visit my blog often, you'll know that Laura's one of my favourite designers.
And if you're curious as to what the RR looks like now, here it is, in all its glory. The dragon was stitched by Teresa and the house and hearts by Melissa. It'll be heading to Monica next in USA. Wonder what she'll add to it. This is probably the most unique RR I've ever had the honour to stitch.


Meari said...

It's beautiful, Veronica.

Charlene said...

Nice flower, Vero. Just love it. BTW .. how many RR that you have join now ... lol. Really admire you with the all the wonderful finished square.

Chiara said...

What a lovely choice!!!cheers