07 May 2006

Stitching Blogger's Question: Over-Dyed Opinions

SBQ LogoDo you or have you stitched with over-dyed threads? (Weeks Dye Works, The Gentle Art Sampler Threads, Six Strand Sweets, etc.) If so, what is your opinion concerning them? If not, why not?
As of this post, I have yet to try over-dyed threads. On the other hand, I have used Anchor and DMC variegated threads. Do they count? I have some Six Strand Sweets in store though, thanks to Lene but I have yet to find the perfect project for them. I think the colours are very yummy but I have to say I have my concerns about them bleeding, especially the darker colours but since I haven't heard too much complain from other stitches in this area, I guess running the threads in cold water as per the instructions before stitching would eliminate this problem. Also, they're not easy to find in Malaysia which means I'll have to order them online and considering I don't have PayPal or credit card, that's a pretty huge obstacle I have to overcome. That aside, I think they look lovely on samplers, giving it an antique look or on monocolour projects, changing colours and shade automatically so my verdit is yes, I'll definitely give over-dyed threads a go.


Outi said...

As long you make sure that you rinse them well enough before stitching there shouldn't be any problems. :)

If you want to be extra careful you can also give them little vinegar bath (~50/ 50 vinegar/ water). Just rinse them after it and, of course, let them dry on white cloth or towel just to notice possible bleeds. They shouldn't smell sour when they dry up.

Lili said...

I have never tried to wash overdyed threads! But I definitely love using them!

Meari said...

Paypal is really easy to use. I've used it for Ebay purchases, sending payment to group members for purchases of stash, and people sending me money for various reasons.