25 May 2006

It's Christmas Already?

No, of course not. I know, I know, time flies and some of you have been wondering what I've been up to since it's been a while since I've last shown any stitching updates, but time does not fly that fast! Then what am I doing stitching Santas? Well, this Santa Baby here is for Lene's "Christmas" Round Robin. I've had a few patterns in mind but after she specifically requested that someone stitch this adorable Santa Baby for her, well, how could I resist? After all, EMS's patterns are always a pleasure to stitch.
Anyway, with just one more person to go before the RR returns home (we had a participant dropped out), Lene, unless you want it to be a "surprise" (considering you already know what the other squares look like), then I suggest you either stop reading here or close your eyes, here's your Christmas RR with four squares filled in. Like it? I sure do hope so!
And again, another Santa, this time from Margaret Sherry, I present to you the first square of my "Santa" Round Robin for another 6 person RR on EMS Cross Stitch Board starting 15th June. Yup, you've guessed it, I joined another one. Another two, to be exact for I have another one starting in July but that's beside the point. This little Santa here took me a long time (read as more than two weeks!) to stitch and near the end, I was already so sick of it that I just want the torture (yes, you've read correctly, it was really becoming a pain!) to end because as you well know, Herritage Stitchcrafts designs equals squash stitches (which by the way, they renamed vertical and horizontal stitch) and tons of tweeding. (A big Thank You to EeKoon for being patient enough to endure all my complaints all those night when I was hard at it.) I'm relieved to have it over and done with. Still, the satisfaction I feel now is almost worth all the labour. Almost.
I've substituted the DMC cotton floss with pearlescent effects floss from the DMC Light Effects range for the snow at Santa's feet. Although you can't see the difference from the picture, I can assure you that the result is quite stunning in real life, especially when combined with the shine from the metallic gold threads that's woven into the fabric. Now it's packed and ready to be sent out. Whew!


sue said...

Both of them are adorable. My favorite is the MS Santa. Nice job.

CraftyPretender said...

Margaret Sherry Santa... ohhhhhhhhhhhh simply too adorable. THough I can see how you would get overkill with all those reds. All the same, you're a really good (and speedy!) stitcher... am sure Lene's gonna love it!


Charlene said...

Thank you .. thank you for the EMS santa on my RR. Really appreciated it and also the pic of whole piece of my RR.

Beside, I also choose the MS santa for my next RR that going start on June 2006. Hope to post mind soon.

Chiara said...

Wonderful work!! in this hot days is nice to see some Christmas pattern!!! This MS is in my to do list...when I have enough time I'll stitch it!!!cheers

Chiara said...

Hi Veronica, as you have a participant dropped out, if you want I can complete your empty square so I can return your favour!!! :o) Let me know!!
PS all the exchange you have received are really lovely!!!