31 May 2006

DIY Kit Exchange 2006

What's inside this beautifully wrapped mystery package? Have I got your attention yet? Well, it certainly has got mine for more than a week since I received it. It's my Aion DIY Kit Exchange from Colette. Finally, today's the big opening day and I could hardly restrain myself any longer. I tore into the wrapping and look, this is what I got!
Colette knew I love EMS Designs and has kindly prepared this scissors case kit for me. It's a freebie and not supposed to be kitted up but she has gain Ellen's permission before doing so. I feel so honoured. Besides that, Colette has also stitched this lovely card for me. The design is from EMS' Garden Alphabets series. "V for Violet" is the design name or in this case, it's V for Veronica. *Cheeky Grin* Anyway, a very big thank you to both Colette and Ellen. I love everything.
As for me, here's what I got for my partner, Louise. She had mentioned that she loves samplers and is willing to try anything new and since I love Jeremiah Junction because of its bright and cheerful colours, I thought if she hasn't already stitch their designs before, I'll introduce her to it by giving her this Cross Stitch Crazy leaflet. The chart I've picked is "ABC Come Stitch With Me" but just in case she doesn't like it, there're two other choices for her, namely "Cross Stitch Crazy" and "Cross Stitch Forever". Very apt, I think, for all us stitchers. I've also included a postcard of Malaysia along with my kit.
Anyway, here's the card I stitched to accompany my kit. "Martina's Roses" designed by Martina Weber is my first Châtelaine. It's a downloadable freebie. I stitched it on light blue Aida and did my first specialty stitches - the Algerian Eyelet on it. It is also my first beading project. Even though there're many first involved in this project for me, I think it turned out really nice, if I do say so myself. I wrote a poem for her in the card but I think that's up to her whether she would like to share it. Hope she likes both card and kit.

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Cindy said...

Hey Veronica, I like your card, very nice and all the stuff that you have sent to Louise! She is lucky!!!:)