20 March 2006

3 French Hens

The third in Margaret Sherry's 12 Days of Christmas series, here is my 3 French Hens for Jackie's RR. It's stitched on 28 count cream gold fleck evenweave. Many stitchers might think that this fabric is more challenging to stitch on as the flecks disguises the holes but personally, I don't find that a problem. I still love the delicate sparkle of the fabric and this pattern is a pleasure to stitch.
Don't you think she's cute? (Though to me at least, it looks more like a he.) She looks like she's toasting us with her wine glass, inviting us for a meal. The french knots for her eyes are missing though because Jackie's going to replace them with beads when the RR returns home. It somehow gives the appearance that her eyes are covered by her feathers (sort of like a shaggy dog whose eyes are never visible under all that long fur).
I nearly forgot to stitch my name and country as per Jackie's instructions. Luckily, I refered to Jackie's letter once again before packing it up. After more than a week of dragging my feet (or should I say hands) on this one, now it's done and ready to be mailed out. Think I'll drop it off at the post office tomorrow even though the posting date is not for another two weeks. However, the timing should be perfect for it will need about two weeks of travelling time before reaching its next destination - Canada, into Alli's care.

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Jenn said...

Your French Hen looks so cute.