21 January 2006

Lilliput Lane Village

So many patterns, so little time! That, I believe, is a phrase that every cross stitcher can identify with. And I have to admit that I've never felt it to be any more true than when I saw this Lilliput Lane Village pattern on the January 2006 issue 126 of the Cross Stitch magazine yesterday. (Cross stitch magazines from UK generally arrives late here in Malaysia.)
Look at it! Isn't it lovely? I haven't stopped admiring it since I bought the magazine home. The temptation to start stitching it immediately is so great I nearly gave in to it but resist I must. What with 3 WIP (Work in Progress), 1 UFO (Unfinished Object/s), 3 RR (Round Robin/s) and 1 SAL (Stitch Along) that I'm in, not to mention the countless items I already have on my to do list (thanx to my darling fiance who's been buying me loads of stash), my plate's already overflowing. I absolutely does not have time for another new project.
However, since it's always good to plan first, *innocent look* I'm still trying to make up my mind whether to stitch it on aida or on evenweave. The model in the magazine is stitched on 16 count cream aida and as far as I can tell, I don't see any fractional stitches so it can be easily stitched on aida but I do like the more refined look evenweave gives a finished piece. Then again, I can stitch a lot faster on aida which is a huge bonus. Then, there's the matter of whether to use DMC or Anchor threads. I prefer DMC but the key given is Anchor which means I'll have to convert it to DMC and I don't know how different the result would be. Help! Any suggestions is highly appreciated.


maklang said...


Can give a copy of the chart to me??? How much is the x-stitch magazine costs in Malaysia???

Rozita said...

I love this design too..Like you, so tempted to start it! LOL! I love cottages..

Cristina Rodrigues said...

Your works are an enchantment!!!
It must be very pleasant to embroider and to see the small fish to swim...
Little kisses and a good weekend.
Cristina Rodrigues

Christine Jones said...

Hi Veronica. I have been searching for the chart to finish Lilyput Lane Village. My friend started it but she died back in March without completing it. Her daughter sent it up to see if I would finish it but she can't find the chart. Could you possibly help with a copy of the chart for me. My name is Chris Jones and my address is 23, Teynes, Coed Eva, Cwmbran, South Wales, United Kingdom. NP44 4TG. It would be so good to finish it for her daughter. Thank you in anticipation. Chris.