11 July 2016

I Thee Wed

First semester of uni is done! I'm currently on holiday :D To celebrate, I have a new start...

Sean and I bought an apartment that will be completed next month. We'll be moving shortly after. Hence, Savannah is my logical choice ^.^ I'm stitching her on Fall to Pieces by Colour Cascade Fabrics.
I realized I've yet to mention here that Sean and I got married :D Our simple garden ceremony was held at Lakeside Cottage in Kilsyth South last October.
My bridal bouquet was a lovely combination of sunflowers (the flowers Sean gave me throughout our courtship), statice (to match my tanzanite engagement ring) and babys breath.
Below is my absolute favourite photo from the wedding.
I think our photographer, Melissa Holden did an awesome job.
Uni starts again 1 August. Hopefully I'll have some updates before then.
Till next time, Happy Stitching!

19 February 2016

Buchan Caves

Guess what? After weeks of waiting, I've finally received an offer to the Bachelor of Design at Swinburne University! To say that I'm stoked is an understatement. Orientation Day is next Monday. Wish me luck ^^
In the meantime, I took advantage of the long break by making quite a bit of progress on Moment of Reading.
Only the roses left to go now.
Fast forward to Valentine's weekend, Sean and I had a getaway at Buchan Cave Reserve. Immediately upon arrival, we were greeted by grazing kangaroos.
Early next morning, we went for both the Royal Cave and Fairy Cave guided tours which are operated daily. The honeycomb of caves was formed almost 400 million years ago by underground rivers cutting through limestone rock.
The calcite-rimmed pools in Royal Cave are absolutely beautiful to behold.
Gravity defying stalactites hung from the roof of the cave.
Both caves are well lit with concrete pathways.
Yup, that’s me being completely awed by the elaborate stalactites and stalagmites in Fairy Cave.
I believe this formation is named The Chandelier. One can easily see why.
Words alone cannot describe how spectacular the limestone formations were. Hopefully the photos we took have been able to marginally convey some of the grandeur.
If you ever have the chance to visit this area, do visit Buchan Caves. It truly was a magical experience.