06 March 2012

An Exchange & A Gift

Last week, I received my Friendship Bag from Margaret (no blog). It arrived neatly wrapped in layers of paper and plastic. I'm not kidding when I said layers :P After opening the envelope, this pretty package presented itself.
After impatiently tearing through that and more, I managed to hold the bag in my hot, little hands.
These are the stash it contained, once more nicely wrapped.
I swear, either Margaret must be torturing me or testing my patience, which I failed miserably. LOL! Finally, finally, here's the exchange in its entirety.
There were pins, buttons, needles, threads, bobbin and lace, quilting fabric and tools. I was in stash heaven. Not to mention this beautiful bag. I really love the red floral fabric and linen combination. And you wonder why I couldn't wait to open the package ^.^
Margaret told me this is the third bag she had made before she deemed it acceptable for the exchange. Can you imagine the effort that went into it? I'm so touched.
She has attached a note on the bag indicating which fabrics were used in case I would like to buy some. How thoughtful.
Thank you so much, Margaret. I'll always treasure this bag.
On another note, I've been remiss in showing off the package I received from Kaye some time ago. I had won the giveaway she offered on her blog back in December. It contained a lovely MarBek kit, a beautiful hummingbirds and flowers card and a keychain from Hawaii. How cool is that?
Thank you again, Kaye. I look forward to stitching this design.
By the way, regarding the 6 Fat Man SAL I mentioned that was supposed to start in March, Kati and I have decided to postpone it to April. This will give everyone more time to gather their materials.
The official start date of the SAL is 9 April 2012. We'll be stitching it only on Mondays. For more information and to sign up, Kati has created a special page on her blog here.
I've already receive my fabric from Picture This Plus. I'll be stitching it on Tarnish Belfast. Here's my very messy floss toss:
Do join us. Hazel, Cathey, Shanda, DJ and Tammy, you ladies still interested? Any more of you want to join? You're certainly welcome. The more the merrier.
Happy Stitching!


Emma said...

Oh, you're so lucky to receive such a beautiful bag! Did you use it yet? I'd like to do an exchange some time. Hav fun with your new materials and your new bag, Veronica!

butterfly said...

Lovely gifts Veronica you must be so happy .

Anonymous said...


Your packages are gorgeous. The bag is so pretty.

Your fabby and threads for your Lizzie Kate SAL looks lovely.

Hope you have a nice day!

Giovanna said...

Wow, what gorgeous packages - that bag is a really beauty!

Chris said...

What a wonderful bag! the rest of the stash is lovely too.
I love the 6 fat men. I am looking forward to seeing your version with those wonderful supplies.

Karen said...

What exciting stash gifts and a gorgeous bag, too! This is the first time I've seen your lovely blog, thanks for visiting mine!

Margaret said...

Wow, what a great exchange and gift! You must be very happy!

Rita said...

Great stash! I especially love the bag. It must feel like Christmas. :-)

Enjoy working on the "fat guys".

Carol said...

Such a lovely bag and other goodies from Margaret--enjoy!!

I love the fabric you've chosen for your snowmen, Veronica--think they'll really show up nicely!

Lynn said...

Beautiful gift package from Margaret! The bag is very pretty and she's done a wonderful job. Oooh, love that bobbin with the lace on it too!
Kaye has also sent a lovely giveaway treat. Lucky you!

Good luck with your SAL. It looks like such a fun stitch.

lesli said...

What a wonderful package! Everything in it is so wonderful :)

Shari said...

everything looks great!!! Aren't stitching gifts the best gifts??? I am always so thrilled to see a stitchy gift in the mailbox!
I have gone over & signed up for the 6 fat men SAL........I actually already have everything kitted up, so I just need to get a few things done before the 9th of April!

valerie said...

What a wonderful package! That bag is gorgeous! Margaret did a fantastic job! Great floss toss for the snowmen. That blue fabric is perfect for it!

Catherine said...

What a fantastic exchange package! I love, love, love your bag! Congrats on your giveaway win as well. Have fun with your Fat Men ~ love the fabric you chose ~ can't wait to see some of it stitched!

Ellen said...

Beautiful exchange, love that bag!

I love the fabric color n threads you chose for 6 Fat Men, can't wait to see your start!


Pumpkin said...

Lovely, lovely gifts! Your mail has been quite good lately ;o)

Uuuuuu...I like the colors you're using for 6 Fat Men! Sorry I won't be able to participate :o(

Tatkis said...

Wow! You've received a lot of adorable parcels too!


Margaret wong said...

I'm so happy you love the Bag...I wanted to add a button clasp but that was beyond my basic skill! LOL! It's so nice to read the lovely and encouraging comments from your Blog followers, thanks ladies!!

Margaret wong said...

I'm so happy you love the Bag...I wanted to add a button clasp but that was beyond my basic skill! LOL! It's so nice to read the lovely and encouraging comments from your Blog followers, thanks ladies!!

Solstitches said...

What lovely gifts you have received.
The bag is very pretty. Love the combination of the linen/print.
The bobbin with the lace trim is just lovely.
The stash for your upcoming SAL looks yummy too.

Sue said...

I love the bag; the red and linen are beautiful together! I'd love to dig into your get lots of goodies in there!

Julie said...

Stunning bag, a very special gift.
Lovely win too.
Nice fabric choice for the fat men SAL.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment, it's always nice to have new visitors.

Joysze said...

Yummy gifts, Veronica. The bag is so pretty!!! :D

Ooooh, I like your Tarnish fabbie for the Fat Man SAL. :D If you happened to have a pic of it by it's lonesome, would it be too much trouble so send me a pic? I like having 'real life' fabbie pics. Makes layovers easier to do. ;)

kate n said...

What a lovely bag :) You will be kept very busy using all the things in it.

Meari said...

Aweseome bag and goodies! Nice blog win, too. Looking forward to seeing your Fat Men project. I am trying to finish up some older WIPs so I'm not starting anything new until I get one more project out of the way.

Dani - tkdchick said...

OMG I just adore that bag!

You're really going to enjoy your SAL!

Unknown said...

yup signed up...didn't see your post had a mess with the blog

Beatrice said...

What a stunning bag...Awesome gift.
Thanks for keeping in touch!
I love Stella!

Jackie said...

Beautiful exchange and giveaway you received Veronica, and the 6 fat snowmen SAL sure sounds tempting.
TFS your work and thanks for stopping by my blog.

StitchCat said...

Very spoilt. I have 6 fat men in my stash and I can't wait to stitch them too.

♥ Nia said...

Lovely gifts!! Lucky girl :D
Óh I have those 6 fat man to stitch too!! :) I wanted to stitch last December but there wasn't enough time :p I will think about your SAL ;)

Anne said...

What a pretty bag you received Veronica! What a lucky gal you are!! That fabby you chose is delish!! Lovely floss toss too! It will be great to watch you girls do the SAL!!


Carolyn NC said...

What a wonderful exchange!