15 October 2011

October Update

This will be a short and sweet update as my October stitching schedule has not been turning out too well so far. Thus, I don't have much to show.
However, I managed to salvage some of it by finishing Part 2 of She Tends by Shepherd's Bush.
Design: She Tends
Designer: Shepherd's Bush
Fabric: R&R Reproductions Alabaster 30 count linen
Fibers: Crescent Colours, Weeks Dye Works & Sampler Threads
Embellishments: Shepherd's Bush Silver Standing Sheep Charm
As you can see, the red floss has bled into the fabric after I washed it. Am not too happy with that. This is why I won't ever buy non colorfast hand-dyed floss again once I finish stitching any ongoing projects that uses them. For the price they're selling for, I'd rather convert them to Vikki's silk to spare myself this frustration. Better value for money and yes, I'm turning into a silk snub ^.^
Anyway, complaints aside, have you seen Part 6 of iStitch Mystery SAL? I'm loving the pair of scissors! Wonder if I could buy an actual pair that looks like that. Anyone knows?
That's all for now. This weekend is IHSW again. What will you be stitching? I'll be working on Romantique Sampler.
Happy Stitching!


Anonymous said...

LOL I love it my love. The sheep seems particularly hard considering how small this is. Looks beautiful.

Catherine said...

Very sweet finish! Bummer about the red!
Your sal piece is so pretty! I agree, a pair of scissors like that would be beautiful!

Hazel said...

Beautiful stitching. Shame about the red bleeding. It can do that, can't it? x

DJ said...

Love your finish, so sorry about the red frustrating!! I haven't tried Vickie's silk but I may give it a try considering what non-color fast thread does (I'm a silk snob too...LOL) Love the SAL you are doing, I was too late to get in on that. Good luck with your Sampler Romantique this weekend, it will be so nice to have that one finished off. Wish I could join you for the IHSW...maybe next weekend? *Hugs*

Kathy A. said...

Very pretty and how frustrating for the red to run. I am looking for silks for a project and with your recommendation will be choosing VC. Thank you.

zarina said...

You wash your work? When it comes to these kind of stitching, I hardly washed them. I'm afraid the threads will not stand of too much wear and tear. For my quilts though, I want them to be used and washed all the time.

Anne said...

Aw, that's too bad Veronica. I don't see it at all, but maybe it's just the photo. I love silk too, but can't afford too many of them. Your Sal is beautiful! It's nearly done!!

AS for the IHSW, I will be stitching my HAED, and trying to start a couple of new pieces!

Mouse said...

shame about the bleed into the fabric .... not sure what you can do to rectify it ??
love the scissors too :) and mmmm not sure what else I will be working on yet sooo much to do and so little time heheh :) love mouse xxxx

Sari said...

Nice that shepherd's bush. And I like you Mystery SAL a lot. It will be just lovely!

valerie said...

Lovely finish! I don't see any bleeding at all. Maybe you managed to get it all out? That is a huge scare. I also don't wash my projects unless they are soiled and I just try to spot treat. Great progress on the iStitch sampler!

Giovanna said...

The SB is such a cutie! And the SAL is so beautiful too. Well done on both!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sometimes we just don't get the stitching time we'd like to have.

Your WIPs do look great.

Sorry to hear your reds bled

Kathy Ellen said...

"She Tends" is such a sweet piece. I especially love those adorable little sheep. Your stitching, as always, is beautiful.

Love your Mystery piece too, and those scissors are truly beautiful.
Wouldn't be wonderful to find a pair like them?

Lissanne said...

Your WIPs are so pretty. I love she Tends. Can't wait to see your next update. I can't see any bleeding in the pic.

Pumpkin said...

I can't see where it bled but I can certainly understand your frustration :o(

So sweet! I'm really loving this SAL. I hope she'll sell the pattern when done.

Joysze said...

I love your SB piece, Veronica. Sorry the floss faded though... that blows. :(

Not so much a snub as expecting to get good value for your money. I think we're all that way. :)

Cute scissors. How many more parts to go?