12 September 2011


I've always love the rich palette of autumn. In keeping with my stitching schedule abeit slightly late, I completed Spot of Autumn.
Design: Spot of Autumn
Designer: The Drawn Thread
Fabric: 32 count Cream Italian Linen
Fibers: DMC & Weeks Dye Works
Stitching this has been a work of frustration and trial of patience. Have you ever felt like you did more frogging than actual stitching on a piece? This was one such case. Other than the red flowers on the bottom left, I must have stitched everything at least twice and the pumpkins three times! I'm reminded once again why it nearly became a UFO two years ago.
So has all that fuss been worth it? I certainly hope so. It sure is pretty, isn't it? Only winter left :)
I also managed to complete Part 2 of iStitch Mystery SAL.
I actually finished Part 3 last night as well but have yet to take a picture. Now it's on to Romantique Sampler.
Happy Stitching!


Anonymous said...

Wow Veronica, It looks very clasic and overall beautiful. =) I can't wait to see more =)

Catherine said...

Very pretty stitches!

Anne said...

That's a beautiful autumn sampler Veronica! I really love those pumpkins. Too bad they gave you a hassle!! I hate that too when one particular piece just won't work with you, but against you...arghhh. Love the mystery sal progress!!

Mouse said...

ooo i like this one :) and well done for carrying on with it too even with the rip rip rippits came ..... and its almost come to an end the Romantique SAl .. will you miss it ???? or sign up for another one from her ??? curious minds want to know love mouse xxxx

Rita said...

Beautiful stitching!

Giovanna said...

I'm sorry you had to frog so much - but it is definitely very pretty! Nice stitching on the SAL too.

Pumpkin said...

Your DT piece is gorgeous! I love their designs and I hope you'll carry on and finish it :o)

Oh lovely! I can't wait to see part three :o)

Blu said...

Sorry to hear of your troubles with that design. At least it's over, and crossed fingers that the winter part is frog-free.
Just out of curiosity, why the spaces in the design. Is there a charm or a button involved?

Carol said...

All of your frogging will be well-worth the effort--that is one gorgeous piece :)

Meari said...

Your autumn sampler looks beautiful. Nice progress on the SAL.

Joysze said...

Oh yes!! It's definitely worth it and esp. since that completes 3/4 of your set!!

iStitch mystery is looking great. :D Can't wait to see your Romantique WIP after this weekend. :)