08 July 2011

I Caught Up!

This post's title says it all. Finally, finally, I caught up on my Romantique Sampler.
Part 10
Part 11
As of 26 June 2011
Part 12
Part 13
And here's how it looks like currently.
I managed to beat the deadline by four days too. (I had completed Part 13 couple of days ago but didn't have the opportunity to take a decent photo until this morning). Can you tell my needle's been busy? ^.^
Guess what's I'm stitching at the moment while waiting for the next part?
Happy Stitching!


Catherine said...

So pretty and delicate!!

Giovanna said...

Wow, it's beautiful! And your stitching is perfect. Congrats on catching up!

Anne said...

It's really beautiful Veronica! You have done a lot of work on it and the colours are so pretty!

Joysze said...

It's so sweet, Veronica. I love it.

Mouse said...

woooo hoooo ... I've just got a tiny bit to do and then I've got this month's done as well :) you sure have done good to catch up :) love mouse xxx

zarina said...

I love those blue roses. Looking real good.

DJ said...

It's sooooooooo beautiful!!! And you caught up just in time too! I printed off my new patterns today! *Hugs*

Pointed Stitcher said...

This is just beautiful, nice work!