24 May 2011

2011 NNC Birthday Exchange

If you've been reading my recent posts, you'd have seen me mentioned about an upcoming birthday exchange that I've been diligently working on. Well, today's the day. Happy Birthday, Jo!
This past Saturday, I was able to meet up with Jo during NNC's Stitching Bee, held at Sally's lovely house. (Thank you, Sally, for having us.) However, I was too lazy to take any photos while there so I only have my exchange pictures to share.
For this exchange, I was required to include one handmade craft item along with two related handmade or store-bought items and of course a birthday card.
Here's what my package consists of:
  • A Tilda's Summer Ideas book
    I figured Jo might find it refreshing and enjoyable as she is into sewing/bag-making. At least that's what I was hoping for.
  • A Blue Rose Pouch
  • A Birthday Card
    The design for the birthday card was from Form-A-Lines. I love its simplicity and added the layers for a 3D effect.
My main handcrafted item is this blue rose pouch. I wanted Jo to have something she could use often if not on a daily basis. Since I knew she sews, (in fact, we had first met at the school where we both take tailoring lessons) I made this pouch with multiple pockets especially for her tools.
The general idea was taken from Butterick B5006 pattern but once again, I challenged myself to try something different. As you can see, I've modified the center to incorporate a simple patchwork pattern and cross stitch roses. I've also binded the edges with pink bias tape.
I then endeavour to fill up every single one of those eight pockets for the "related items requirement". I gotta say I sure had fun coming up with ideas.
I included charms, pearl and wooden buttons, a ceramic thimble with Jo's birth month on it, a couple of vintage bobbins, a pair of golden peacock scissors (which I was "paid" 10 cents for in order to ensure our friendship ties were not cut ^.^), a scissors case, a biscornu pincushion and a scissors fob filled with emery for sharpening needles.
Love this picture of the accessories sitting cozily in their individual pockets.
Wanna know a secret? The stitching set was designed by me. I stitched it in blue because that's Jo's favourite color. I named it "Blue Rose Stitching Set".
It all started with one biscornu side.
Then the other.
And the rest...
Design: Blue Rose Stitching Set
Designer: Veronica's Vault
Fabric: Cream Italian 32 count linen
Fibers: Hand Dyed Fibers (Velvet Midnight) Silk
Why roses, you ask? Well, not only are roses beautiful, they are my absolute favourite flowers. Besides, I wanted the design to match the pouch. As you can see, the scissors case and fob can be personalized with an initial, in this case, J for Jo.
So I have a question. Would you be interested in stitching this Blue Rose Set as well?
Thank you for dropping by. Happy Stitching!


Michael said...

Wow, Veronica Very very very well done. A little too pink for me... but Still amazing none the less my love. =) Very Beautiful Craftsmenship =)

Anna van Schurman said...

I like the idea of scissors stitched on a scissors case. You did a great job!

zarina said...

We were discussing about the handmade card and I believe you made it since you push yourself to the limit. Question to you - the site you gave, is the design for machine sewing or by hand?

My answer - I would love to but am not into that craft.

Marjorie said...

Beautiful designs! I would love to stitch something like that.

Joysze said...

Jo is a lucky, lucky girl!!! What an awesome gift. The pouch is awesome as are all the goodies in there. :D

Kathy A. said...

Veronica - you deserve a big pat on the back for this one! It is absolutely stunning. You have done a wonderful job co-ordinating everything, filling the pockets and making it so very personal.
Kudos! Would I stitch this - absolutely.
Would I sew it together - scared to death lol

Ellen said...

Gorgeous set! Sure would love to stitch them, love roses! However I am not very good at finishing them, my sewing is at best, average.


Christine said...

What a stunning gift! Congrats on designing your stitched pieces, they're gorgeous! They'd definitely go into my "to be stitched" pile.

Gladys Creativa said...

Is really sweet an beautiful...
Yes I'd like to stitch it! :)
Have a wonderful weekend!

Patches said...

I love that pouch. It is so cute.

cross stitch kits said...

love the biscornus!

Pumpkin said...

How incredibly beautiful Veronica!!!! I bet Jo was jumping for joy when she opened that special package ;o)

Cindy said... all those that you have made for the birthday girl. They are really gorgeous!!

Meari said...

That is very pretty. Well done.