19 December 2009

Capital L is Back

After months, actually, make that more than a year, of hibernating under my constantly growing pile of WiPs, Love With A Capital L by Papillon Creations is finally in rotation again.
Maybe it's the season. After all, Christmas is a season of love but more than likely it's encouragement from Mikey and a suggestion from my SO who said that he would like to see me stitch something different, like letters or even a famous quote after my angel. Well, I've taken both their advise to heart. Nothing could be more famous than a chapter from the Bible, right? Either way, enough talk. I'm sure you would be waiting for a picture by now so here it is.
I know, I've only finished the flower movif from my last WiP picture but an update is still an update. Heh! I hope you're not disappointed. Anyway, I'll leave you with this close up picture. I'm loving the colours. Also, did I mention stitching with Vikki Clayton's silk is a luxury?


Anonymous said...

WoW I really like, the detail and effort looks awesome and dedicated, and the Words ring so true!


Deanne J said...

Beautiful, love the colours

Aw said...

Capital L is lovely,,,...mine is in UFO pond the colors