30 May 2008

May Finishing Challenge - Biscornu

Last weekend, I was feeling pretty restless. I ended up starting something new. If you’ve read my blog since the beginning, you’d have seen me mentioned this design before. I even did a floss toss for it back in January. This was as far as I got...

The colour changing was killing me. So I set it aside and thought to meet the May Monthly Finishing Challenge which is to finish a biscornu. I’ve never done finishing of this kind before so this was a real challenge for me. However, that didn’t deter me from having fun with it.
These are the squares I came up with for my biscornu.

The core design is from The Victoria Sampler’s Gazebo Tuffet freebie and the border is modeled after the Pincushion Heart freebie. As you can see, I’ve added my own touch to it with some beads and specialty stitches. Do you like my first timer Rhodes Hearts and the combination of Eyelet Stitches and Satin Stitches for the flowers in the centre? The bottom piece is my own design.
After much head scratching, I finally figured out how to make a biscornu, thanks to instructions from Annette and Finishing School.
What do you think of my first biscornu? The buttons are from a local craft shop.

Design: Modified Gazebo Tuffet
Designer: The Victoria Sampler
Fabric: Zweigart Moss Green 32 count Lugana
Fibers: DMC, Anchor & Six Strand Sweets in Candy Cane
Beads: Mill Hill Beads
Here’s the view from the top down:

And here’s what the bottom looks like:

Yesterday was another great mail day. The silks for Just Nan’s Queen of the Needle finally arrived along with Sweet Threads from Country Cottage Needleworks

I fell in love with this design the moment I saw it and has been craving for it ever since. Drema from Needlecraft Corner offers a package for the first thread pack that includes a piece of 28 count Vintage Lentil Linen from Lakeside Linens which is what I will be using for it.

I hope you’re not sick of looking at floss tosses because after receiving the silks and another fabric from Silkweaver earlier in the week I just can’t resist seeing how the colours would look together.

Floss Toss for Angel of Grace by Lavender & Lace on Silkweaver Enchantment Reflections 32 count Lugana.

Floss Toss for Queen of the Needle by Just Nan on Silkweaver Expressions Abracadabra 32 count Belfast Linen.
I need some advice. Do you think the light purple floss is too similar to the fabric? I hope it doesn’t blend in too well until it’s barely noticeable when stitched.
Have a great weekend, everyone!


Carol said...

You did such a beautiful job on your biscornu! I love it :-)

Carol R said...

Congratulations on your first biscornu. It's so beautiful - I would not have guessed it was your first! Gorgeous colours and your rhodes hearts are stunning.

Chiloe said...

I love your new start: is is from Anchor?

I think the purple fabric is great. After it depends if you are going to use a lot of this purple .

Becky K in OK said...

The biscornu is beautiful. What a wonderful finish! Congrats!

Sharon said...

Gorgeous biscoru! Congrats. I like the purple fabric-though you may have to be careful with the purple threads.

Lisa said...

Wow Veronica you did a wonderful job on your first biscornu, it looks perfect to me. I think I might have to learn some of those specialty stitches too.

sugardoll said...

Your biscornu is awesome. I have never done one before, it looks rather complicated.

Great stash as well.

As to your purple floss/fabric delimma, I was wondering if there will be back stitches around that area, anyways, it shouldn't look so blended in if there are back stitches as that will highlight the stitched area. Hope that makes sense LOL.

Sally said...

Wow your first biscornu is beautiful! Such a pretty design and I love your extra touches.

I love the fabric you've chosen for Queen of the Needle.

Concetta said...

what a beautiful biscornu - you did a fantastic job. : ) I got the vintage Lentil for Sweet Treats too (which I will have to start soon), but mine is 32-Count... I hope that won't be a problem for me with fitting those cute buttons!

Aw said...

STUNNING biscornus and it does not look like a beginner's FO.
WOW u have great floss collection,....

Wendy said...

Great job on your biscornu! And I LOVE those fabrics - I don't think the floss will blend in too much.

Jessie said...

love the colours used for your bisconu. Beautiful~

Cindy said...

Your biscornu is beautiful. The colour combination are so pretty and the finishing looks great! Congrats :)

Stitchingranny said...

Your first biscornu is beautiful and very professional looking.