15 May 2008

Lazy Afternoon Again

Contrary to the post's title, I haven't been lazing around this afternoon. I sure wish though, just so I have more time to stitch. Then again, don't we all? Anyway, just writing to show what I've been up to for the past week or so. I'm sure you all can guess by now. Here's my Lazy Afternoon's progress:

She finally has some grapevines above her to protect her from the hot afternoon sun. The leaves and grapes are all stitched using only a single strand of floss. You hardly notice it in the picture but in real life, it does make a huge contrast. Sure gives a depth to the piece.
Today my package from Stitching Bits & Bobs finally arrived. They're having another sale at the moment but unless an item is really cheap, I doubt I'll be ordering from them again anytime soon. Throughout my four week wait, other than an email last week telling me my order has been shipped, I didn't receive any correspondence from them telling me my Mill Hill items were on back order. Luckily I figured out how to check my order status on their website. That and well, I don't want another four week wait before I can fondle my new stash...

Just Nan - Queen of The Needle
Remember I said I have this on the way? Now that it has arrived, I can't wait to start on it. Waiting on the silks... Sigh!

Ellen Maurer-Stroh - Sleeping Kitty
This one is too cute for me to pass up during the sale. I bought it with my best friend Adeline in mind. I know she'll love it. Just no idea when I'll actually get around to stitching it. I mean, I'm still working on Lazy Afternoon...

John James Needles
Rainbow Gallery Magnetic Needle Tugger
Kreinik Metallic Threads, Mill Hill Beads & Treasures for Mirabilia's Mermaid of the Deep Blue
Seriously, Mermaid of the Deep Blue really uses that much beads and metallic threads? I've never seen one up close and personal. It must really, really sparkle! Can't wait to see what it'll look like once finished.
Man, I sure am dreaming big. I've yet to start the piece, don't even have the fabric for it yet an I'm already fantasizing on how it'll look like completed. I must be exhausted... Need sleep...
I also bid on and won two charts from Ebay.

Told in A Garden - Renaissance & Voice of A Shepherd
I've never really cared for the charts in this line until recently, Voice of A Shepherd caught my attention. I was randomly clicking on pictures on an ONS when I saw it. My mum's a Christian with a very strong faith. Somehow, I feel that she'll love it. I know Mother's Day just passed but that doesn't mean I can't give her a present anytime I want to. I'll start on it once the fabric I ordered arrive. I ordered from Silkweaver yesterday... LOL! Am I in big trouble here.
Onto more news, I decided to sign up for a Round Robin with Renée, Dawn and Chris. It will most likely be an open themed/UFO (UnFinished Object) RR. Nothing is concrete yet but I think I'd like to use this as my RR. It has three empty squares left which is perfect for this RR. Been a long while since I've joined one so I'm pretty excited.
Wow, what started out as a quick post turned out to be a long one. Once again, I'd like to say a heartfelt thank you to all of you for your kind words and compliments. You have no idea how much your comments motivates me to continue stitching and keep this blog updated.
Elisabeth, my understanding of a floss toss (someone correct me if I'm wrong) is that you put all the threads used in a design on a piece of fabric to give an idea of how the colours would look against it. Hope that answers your question?
Getting back to my stitching now. Laterz all!


Sally said...

Lazy Afternoon is coming along beautifully:)

Lovely new stash. Shame you had such a long wait especially when you don't get told what's happening with your order. I'm having that now with another ONS I ordered from 2 weeks ago. I even emailed them yesterday to ask about it but haven't had a reply. What happened to good customer service?

You will love stitching Queen of the Needle! It is a joy to stitch.

Sharon said...

Your lazy afternoon is looking so gorgeous! Love the stash-though I personally like the sales at SB and B-I am trying not to orker from them again. They can take that long and I live in the US.

Terry said...

Lazy afternoon is beautiful and you got some fantastic new stash.

Stitchingranny said...

Wow, I have just come across your blog and you have some beautiful wips. I love the Lazy Afternoon, and the little chicks are just so so sweet. I have put your link in bloglines so will be back again.

sugardoll said...

Yes! Yes yes! MOTDB Is gorgeous and sooo sparkly once done. They were my very first project on evenweave and over 1 stitching.

Here is a picture of mine.

I did order the wrong treasure colors LOL, but i didn't want to wait for an online order so I decided to use them, so don't get confused. They were such a joy to stitch.