13 July 2006

An Angel for Charity

It's been ages since I've had a stitching update. Apparently, I hit a stitching slump a couple of weeks back but the fact that I'm drowning in RRs at the moment have finally managed to push my panic button so now once again stitching earnestly. And the first finish I have to show is this angel from Dimensions that I stitched for Charity's "Angels" RR.
I love stitching her for there're no fractional stitches at all but don't let her innocent appearance fool you. As is typical of Dimensions, there're tons of tweeding in this little design but the subtle shading is what makes her so pretty thus I've no complaints. I've substituted the french knots in her hair and in the flower basket for beads because I think beads gives the overall design a prettier shine and of course, more dimensions. *Cheeky grin* (You know how I can't resist the pun) Here's a pic of the whole RR. Charity, I hope you like what Lene, Wendy, Sherryn and me have stitched for you.
It'll return home to the US of A once I can get to the post office despite still having an empty square due to lack of a participant. Now my part for this 5 person RR is completed and all I need to do now is to wait patiently (or rather impatiently) for my Roses Bouquet RR to return home.


Stitch or no stitch said...

What a beautiful angel and what a nice touch to replace the French knots with beads. I'll bet Charity can hardly wait for the return of her RR.


biblo said...

Wow, that's lovely! I hope Charity will like what we stitched for her.

I am having a stitching slum myself. Haven't updated my blog since May!


CraftyPretender said...

what a pretty angel you did ... love her green gown!

I can't wait to see your RR as well :)