11 March 2006

Round Robins Update

Ok, finally I have something more to show. Here are some updates on a couple of round robins that I'm currently in. This Winter Postcard by Passione Ricamo is stitched for my "Seasonal Postcards" round robin with the Malaysian Stitchers group. It is due to be sent out on 22nd March so I'm glad I've got it done and ready to be mailed out. There are four of us in this round robin - Aida, Margaret, Rozita and me. Sadly, this postcard series is no longer available as a downloadable freebie but the good news is that it will be published in The World of Cross Stitching magazine sometime this year so keep your eyes peeled for it.
Next is this adorable cat in "Purr-suit" of a bird by Margaret Sherry. After much pondering, debating and proscrastinating, I managed to make up my mind and stitched this design for Wendy's "Funny Cats" round robin. There are minimal floss blending required for this pattern which is great for me to practice with as it is my first experience with that. Since it's a Heritage Stitchcrafts' design which is famous for its squashed stitches, having to poke in between the Aida blocks is somewhat difficult but I got used to it after a while.
There was six of us at first but unfortunately, Cindy had to pull out because she has Carpal Tunnel, causing her hand to go numb which in turns, affects her stitching. Thus, the remaining five are Charity, Lene, Sherryn, Wendy and of course, me. It's scheduled to be sent out on 15 April so I'm rather early with this round robin but considering that I've had it for a long, long time now (more than a month, aiks!) it's way past time I finish stitching it. Wendy, here's what your RR looks like at this stage. Hope you like it!


Sew-in-Love said...

LOVE that cat, Veronica! MS is great, isn't she? I have her 'Musical Cats' in my stash to do.

Come and see my blog some time too. Lots of different embroidery styles, including CS!

Elisabeth, UK=)

Charlene said...

Hey Vero,

I love the cat. It's cute. Beside I also start the postcard long time ago but until today haven't finished it. Hope it will not turn out to be UFO ... lol.

biblo said...

Lucky I have downloaded the postcards but have yet to start...

Oh, I love the cats....!!

Wendy ^_*